Health Insurance for visitors

by C. Ray Sondeo

With prices dropping all over the world on anything from flights to car rental, it is understandable that the number of people traveling abroad is increasing all the time.

Studies show that many people tend to leave their visitor insurance until the last minute which can often create problems for them during their visit.

Insurances companies certainly do not offer any discounts on last minute booking, unlike the other travel agencies. It is advised to buy a visitor health insurance out very close to the time you purchase your holiday.

Many businesses take a minimum of two days to process your policy, especially during peak holiday season, so it is not a good thing to gamble, especially if you are going skiing or white water rafting!

This is all the more reason that you should take the insurance earlier. If you keep the visitors insurance till the end then you might not cover all the details that you would want and then end up with an insurance that is not of much use to you.

There are a number of visitor insurance policies to choose from and it is advisable that you take some time to decide an appropriate policy.

Be careful if you are relying on an “inclusive” visitor medical insurance, such as those that many banks offer with their account. Where as a lot of the time they are very adequate, you should find out the limits to which they will pay out.

Some policies might cover you for only ?750 when it comes to stolen valuables or baggage. This cannot be sufficient if you are on a family vacation.

There are many programs on the television and the news that tell us about the problems that arise when somebody becomes ill during a vacation.

There is an example of such a happening. Someone had a terrible case of diarrhea while they were traveling to an exotic location. That person ended up spending the whole week in the apartment. One person had water from a nearby tap and had to suffer from severe stomach disorders. So you should always have hygienic water.

One of your kids might need to be rushed to the hospital to get treatment for asthama, sunstroke or even an insect bite. All outcomes of the above situations remain the same same; a vacation that is ruined, emptied the bank and put them off foreign holidays for many years to come.

In any case, you don’t want to end up the same, follow a few pointer to protect your family and prevent the tragedy of a ruined vacation:

Different Visitor Health Insurance policies are available, access your terms and conditions and make sure that your visitor health insurance provides you with sufficient cover.

Before you leave you should have as much information about your health policy and the limits of coverage as your agent does.

Don’t forget to include the health policy with the rest of your travel documents. These are some details that you need to ask your agent or the insurance company.
* Can you extend the cover of the visitor medical insurance if you extend your vacation?
* Check and compare the maximum sums that each health policy is ready to pay when selecting the visitors insurance policy.
* You should check whether your insurance plan looks after particular medical conditions and other added benefits and whether there is a get-out clause.
* While choosing the health policy you should check the age limits or health restrictions that apply to you or one of your family members.

Hence, visitor medical insurance can make a world of a difference to your holiday, even if you are not insured for traveling or if you do not avail any other visitors insurance.

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