Historic Rome Has Cheap Hotels

by Gary Pearson

History of Rome is very famous. Rome is known as the Eternal City with its palaces, temples, tombs and churches. Rome has a legacy which very few cities in the world have and it is beyond the understanding of people. It is essential to come to the city to feel the beauty of Rome. There are a number of attractions in the Eternal City like the Foro Romano, well known Colloseum, the Termini Railway Station and not to forget the Vatican City. The person who gets an opportunity to visit Rome is indeed lucky.

You will need a place to stay if you plan to spend a few days in the city. There are numerous places to stay in Rome including some hotels which are offer accommodation at a cheap rate.

Everyone likes to stay in a hotel but the luxurious week in a hotel is not on everyone’s list of priorities. When visiting a historic city like Rome most people would rather spend their vacation sight-seeing and visiting the historic structures and ancient ruins. These people would likely want to spend their money out and about rather than for an expensive hotel.

In the heart of this Eternal City, there are number of cheap hotels. Hotel Planet, which has double occupancy rooms, will cost 60 to 120 euro. Anfiteatro Flavio has double rooms which cost 70 to 160 euro. Hotel Santa Prassede has double rooms for 80 to 130 euro. These are just a few of the cheap hotels in Rome. These hotels are all located near the major attractions.

These hotels may be cheap but they are very good places to stay with decent facilities. You can look for more reasonable hotels to stay in Rome on the internet. There is relevant information available on the internet with pictures of the places for you to choose from. There are a number of hotels of Rome with pictures on the net for people who are interested.

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