Hostel in New York City

In the Big Apple, you get different variations of Hostel. From a single rooms to a twinbed, all Hostel have similarities: The hostel guests have to share a shower and almost always also a living room with the other guests. Depending on whether you prefer a single or shared room, the hostel located in the USA slight from 15 / night up to $ 50 / night. Compared to the price of a hotelroom in the USA, Hostels are generally much cheaper.

But what really distinguishes a hotel from a hostel in New York City? The biggest difference is of course the price difference, but that does not automatically mean that a hostel is not clean or is uncomfortable. In addition to comfortable living rooms and so called lounges, it is not unusual that in a hostel in New York City, books or DVD’s are offered for the general public. Which can usually be borrowed against a deposit or be seen in the lounge for free. The atmosphere in the hostel is much more comfortable than in a hotel. On top of that by the shareable spaces such as meeting room, bathroom and kitchen you get to know new almost always friendly people. It’s not unusual that you find friends with whom we jointly enjoy the nightlife of the Big Apple or take an excursion the next day to one of the many attractions of New York. So you will probably have less privacy in a hostel, but have a much larger number of friends than in a different accommodation. Visitors at a hostel in New York are often much younger but also more enterprising than hotel guests. Many of the visitors are students, trainees or professionals middle-aged which even want to know anything other than to drive to the normal vacations. Through the use of many shared rooms in a hostel, they offer to use a locker, where guests can include their valuables, such as laptop, tablet, mobile phone and wallet. Now they should sleep safely without to worry to much.

Are there different versions of hostels in New York City? The most famous Hostel Organization are the so called HI hostel. Besides the many hostels worldwide, the residents are famous for offering the most open tours or sports activities compared to all other hostels. With more than half a thousand hostels in the world, the residents are also represented with a hostel in the Big Apple City. The H.I. New York City – Manhattan Hostel provides over six hundred places to stay and is with the amount of starting at forty-nine Dollar/ night far overpriced. The level of the chain, who are looking over the price had been happy with the H.I. Hostel staying in the United States. The residents have a member ID card, and the resident card must be delivered before you journey begins. Compared to the Hostelling International hostel there also exists the so-called Independent Hostel which do not belong to the HI chain. Most of them are backpackers hostel. The fact that residents are independent leads to a changing level. From small and cozy rooms to dirty mini broom closet, everything is possible. The residents should be looking now at the tourist advices at the Big Apple Hostels before booking or reserving a resident in an independent hostel. A well-intentioned advice, should a hostel have 0 reports online (which have a lot of Hostel in New York City), take a closer look at the date of the release of the hostel. If it had recently opened than it is certainly quite right. Should it be the opposite and the independent hostels had just opened but have no reports yet, the resident should be then very suspicious and ask himself why such an Hostel has 0 reports. An ordinary fact for independent hostel is, that the visitor must have no membership to stay there.

A very different idea to stay is at the Boutique Hostel. Such Hostels offer the feature that the residents are very furnished and almost always offer the level of a hotel, but with the common rooms of a hostel. Since there is not a boutique brand or something in this way, it has been viewed in recent years that a lot of hostels use the “boutique” sign to their hostel even they have absolutely nothing to do with a boutique hostel. There is only one way to choose a good Botique hostels: Take a look at the offered pictures of the hostel owner and compare them to pictures from recent visitors, do they match? Additionally there are the mobile Hostel, which are often open as soon as it opens a major event in the area. We know those campgrounds from major incident,such as the Oktoberfest. As long as we know, there are no mobile hostels in the Big apple therefore we will not explain this deeper. In summary, it can be said that in the USA they are 3 variations of the hostel. Many of these hostel are independent and boutique hostel in the USA. Next to those two you will find some HI Hostels which offer a consistent level.

Which factor is very important before you reserve a hostel in the USA? The weightiest should be always the local situation. Where is the hostel, it’s adjacent downtown City or do you have to use for 1.5 hours the train to get to everything. As with hotels, it is recommended to be taken valuation in consideration. The residents should know, that it takes several weeks before the first hostel visitors have created a first report. Guests should not be too critical with just opened Hostel Residents which have 0 reports. Testing Guests prices. In the USA the price for a hostel varies from fifteen U.S. dollars to fifty dollars. From collected experience, it can be said that every guests will find something unique in every price category. The prices differentiation are always about how much privacy someone gets.

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