Johnny Bolton Becomes New Conference Call Host of MOR Vacations

by James Eng

MOR Vacations offers a High-End Travel Membership that includes a wide range of travel related benefits at below market prices. With over 100,000 members already since 1985, MOR Vacations is offering this membership for the first time online through network marketing and referrals, and at less than half of what existing members have paid.

On August 8, 2008, Johnny Bolton took out an ad in USA Today to formally introduce this new opportunity and travel club membership. He surprised everyone with his resignation from one travel conference call host to another in a day’s time. Johnny’s decision to promote this new travel membership was based on the superior benefits that this new company is offering it travel members.

Johnny Bolton’s move to host a new opportunity speaks volume to the Internet travel community. Countless number of people followed Johnny’s lead and shifted direction of their business without even knowing the name of the new company. They walked by faith and made financial commitments to it even before seeing the product. These action takers are now known as “sooners” for their action without hesitation.

A week later on August 15, Johnny Bolton revealed the name of the new company and its website for the first time. The new company, “MOR Vacations” which stands for “Members Only Resort Vacations” became the big talk of the Internet travel community. Domain names were quickly purchased to market this new up and rising travel membership and business opportunity.

During Phase I Pre-Launch week from August 18 to August 22, MOR Vacations offered a “$3500 trade-in” allowance for those who own timeshares and travel memberships towards a new Lifetime Diamond MOR Vacations membership priced at $3998. Paying the difference of only $498 would allow members to trade up to a much superior product, and floods of people flocked to the post office to send off their money.

Now in the final week of Pre-Launch “3100” Phase, the trade-in allowance has been reduced to $3100 to trade in for a Lifetime Diamond MOR Vacations membership priced at $3998. The difference of $898 is now the cost to own the superior MOR Vacations membership. This offer is also extended to Referring Travel Agents as well as existing qualified vacation memberships, travel club memberships, and some timeshares. This price is in effect until 9/5/08 and is still a great savings from what a normal membership would cost at launch on 10/1/08.

To purchase the Lifetime Diamond MOR Vacations membership without a trade-in, the cost is only $1298 during the brief pre-launch period. This is a one-time cost for a lifetime of use. After the pre-launch period, the cost for a Lifetime Diamond membership will go for $3998 (or $2998 if paid in full). What a great investment now for a lifetime of savings in travel and an extraordinary product to market to achieve financial wealth. Prices will never be lower than this.

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