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For many Years Bhutan has been is a small slice of heaven in the Himalayas and cut off from the rest of the world. In Bhutan, with the exception of the capital Thimphu, traffic lights don’t exist. Here there strict conservation laws which have resulted in nearly 75 percent of the productivity and of the country are measured in Gross National Happiness.

Bhutan has some of the highest mountains in the world. There are monastery fortifications and valleys that are heavily forested. The landscapes are covered with numerous brightly colored prayer banners, snow leopards, and blue poppies.

In Bhutan Buddhism is a very serious religion. Buddhism involves all walks of life, which results in a widespread belief to practice love and kindness to all living things, numerous legends and deities, monks in red robes meandering on the streets, and peaceful temples.

However, paradise can be somewhat expensive. In order to keep the country’s spiritual integrity and pristine nature, the government will charge you a rather expensive fee for entry into the country. During the slow season which is July, June, and January the fee is only US$165. In 2012, the government intends to increase the rate to US$250. During the peak seasons which are August through December and February through May, visitor must currently pay a minimum of US$200 for each per person for each night. This cost will pay for all of your expenses: including internal transportation arrangements such as a hike in the Himalayas, a licensed Bhutanese guide, meals, and accommodations.

However, the accommodations aren’t the best. If you stay in the mid range lodgings or under canvas the cost does pay for that. But there are some properties in Bhutan that are very luxurious that will cost you considerably more in addition to the fee.

I addition, if you are not traveling as a group, there are higher fees that are applicable. Couples have to pay an additional US$30 for each person for each night. Lone travelers will have to pay an additional US$40 for each night in addition to the minimum day rate. Also, in Bhutan, independent travel is prohibited and a guide, and probably a separate driver are available as part of the standard cost.

You can customize your visit if, for example, you want to experience a lesson in archery or a particular festival with the assistance of a specialized tour operator. However, your itinerary has to be approved by the Tourism Council in Bhutan and you must be accompanied by a local guide.

You can’t independently book flights. Your tour operator will arrange your transportation to Bhutan. There is only one international airport in Bhutan that is located in Paro. The flights on national carrier Druk Air fly in from Thailand, India, and Nepal. You will need to have your travel plans such as your visa and itinerary arranged in advance by your tour operator if you want to enter Bhutan overland.

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