Long Road Trip Tips

The first place to start is by looking at the deck plan of the ship. When you choose your room make sure you know what is around it. If there is a club right below your room or a casino above it you may have to put up with noise all night long.

Many of us will never make it or by time we do, we will be too old and rickety to have any real fun. If traveling is your goal, why not make it a part of your work and stop just planning on it. Here are some jobs that can get you out of the country.

Comfort The more people you have in a vehicle, the more difficult it will be to please them all at the same time, especially if the passengers are young children. If you have a rather large party it is recommended to drive in two separate cars if possible. Having too many people in one car is not only more difficult to please but also a lot less comfortable for everyone. Of course, be sure that you have enough seatbelts for everyone in your car.

Learn to Pack As you are getting your bags ready for the cruise make sure not to over pack. It is ok to wear the same outfit a few times during the cruise. There will not be much closet or drawer space on the cruise and your excess clothing may end up piled on the floor. Pack light bringing a third of what you normally would wear. If it is a three week cruise bring outfits for a week and recycle and mix and match during the next two weeks.

Professors Many times we think of professors being stuck behind a cloud of academia or huddled behind a load of books in their offices, but there are actually a lot of travel opportunities for professors depending on their fields of study. They may be able to lead a study abroad and teach students how to apply their skills and help them build overseas networks.

For example, books and license plate or billboard games are fun while you have the light for it, while movies and Gameboy games are more fun at night when there isn’t enough light for anything else. Make sure they have options of both different movies and different games that everyone could enjoy.

Boarding the Ship If you decide to drive to the ship remember that parking costs money. When you get to your terminal you can expect anywhere from eight to fifteen dollars a day in parking. As you take your stuff out of the car and hand over your luggage to the porters make sure to give them a good tip. These people are in charge of making sure your bags get to the ship and then to you safely. Avoid any foolish risk and give a good tip.

Don’t limit yourself by thinking that you are stuck in one place because of your work. Make your work take you where you want to go. It is really all about what you feel is important. If you want to have flexible hours and see the world then pack your bags and start down the path that will get you there. It may take some extra time but it will be well worth it when you look back and see all of your friends tied up in their dead-end jobs.

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