Looking For A Destin Beach Condo? — Learn The Real Facts

by Chris Anderson, Ph.D.

Is there anything that could possibly be better than relaxing on the back deck of your Destin beach condo. I mean come on, we are the “Worlds Luckiest Fishing Village”, home to the Emerald Coast with it’s sugary white sand, and rapidly becoming an international destination. And to add icing to the cake, while you site on your back porch of your beach condo, you are now overlooking the waters of the “Emerald Coast” named because of their beautiful blue-green, crystal clear color.

If you’re just here on vacation, our compliments on your excellent taste! Destin Beach is an ideal spot to get away from it all and relax. You’re probably looking for a condo which is already fully furnished and well-kept, as well as very clean. You can easily find these kinds of rentals from rental agencies, property management companies and directly from the owners. We’ve found some great property management companies in the Destin Beach area and with a little research, you’ll have no trouble finding the ideal condo for your getaways.

Perhaps you’re looking to buy a beachfront condo and make a little more of an investment in the community ? it’s one sure to repay you many times over. However, before you buy that condo, there are a few things to think about.

First, you really consider how many people the property can sleep. If you go to VRBO.com, you will see properties that sleep anywhere from 2 to 17 guests comfortably…. well, I guess it depends on your definition of comfortable. For most people looking for vacation rentals on the beach, the number of people that the property sleeps will be their next big question. You should talk to a couple of property mangers before you buy and find out what is really in demand.

The next thing to do is to figure out how to handle the other costs involved in condo ownership, like condo association fees. For Destin Beach condos, these fees can be anywhere between a few hundred dollars per month to more than $1,000 a month. These condo association fees are often determined by the size of the condo, measured in square feet and are assessed in order to cover insurance costs. One mistake a lot of people make when looking at these condos, it is underestimating these costs when shopping for condos.

After performing the necessary research on homes in the area, the next thing you’ll need to do is to locate a knowledgeable real estate agent who really knows the market. There are a lot of properties here which are great deals; finding them depends on having the right real estate agent on your side. There are many properties which only a savvy agent will be in the know about.

Last of all, you’ll want to spend a few nights in any condo you are interested in buying; if this is not possible, than an adjacent property will do. You’ll be able to make a much better informed decision if you have had some personal experience with the condo first. If you are still enchanted with it after staying there, you will know for sure that this Destin Beach condo is the right property for you.

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