MOR Vacations Offers the Best Vacation Deals

by Susan Cowsar

MOR Vacations is the new kid in the travel industry, and this new kid is stirring up quite a lot of interest — not an easy task in an established multi-trillion dollar industry. But there is good reason for the interest, because MOR Vacations members — when they understand the way the system works — are getting the best vacation deals around.

A paradigm shift is required in making vacation plans. Otherwise, travelers will not see the vast savings offered. Enter MOR Vacations Hot Weeks. This is where membership in MOR Vacations really gets exciting.

The challenge for travelers is to shift away from planning their vacations well ahead of time to planning more “on the fly.” It is not what we have been trained to do. But to realize the savings, that is exactly what MOR Vacations members are doing.

Save This Way:

Option 1: Plan When, Book Whenever

1-1 Let’s say you are an MOR Vacations member. You plan which week you want to take vacation. You could do this as far in advance as you want or need to.

1-2 About a week before time to go, you visit the MOR Vacations site, click on Product Information and scan the dozens of MOR Vacations hot week locations to find a place you’d like to visit.

1-3 As you scroll through the MOR Vacations Hot Weeks list, you will find different rates for certain similar locations. To get the very best deal, it is important for you to scroll through the entire list.

1-4 To save even more, look for accommodations on the MOR Vacations site within easy driving distance. By renting a hybrid vehicle and driving a few hundred miles, you can save hundreds — possibly even thousands — on the journey itself.

1-5 To book your vacation, simply call the MOR Vacations sales line located in the About section of the MOR Vacations site.

Ta! Da! You can now take a truly discounted vacation via MOR Vacations!

Option 2: Plan Whenever, Book Wherever

2-1 Option 2 works much the same as Option 1, but when you’re more flexible with your vacation schedule, you can periodically scan the MOR Vacations hot weeks and find executive class accommodations for as low as $149 for the week, especially in the off season. Now that’s some serious discounting!

Option 3: Advantages of Affiliate Membership

3-1 You are certainly not required to be an affiliate member of the MOR Vacations program to enjoy its remarkable savings. However, affiliate members are at an obvious advantage of being able to profit from recruitment and direct sales.

3-2 There could even be a tax advantage should the affiliate member (or any other member) be able to write off a portion of their travel as a legitimate business expense. This final advantage is best determined by discussing the trip with the member’s tax accountant.

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