More Affordable Vacations With M.O.R. Vacations!

by Matt Willis

We live in a day and age where multi-tasking tears us from our families, thereby endangering the very fabric that holds it together. We work to keep food on the table, but at what cost? Do you feel like you are “losing your marbles”? Hold it right there. You don’t need to get a shrink to “fix” you. Instead of paying for a psychiatrist to bring you back into the sane world, why not try… Taking more vacations?

Because travel and taking breaks are fast becoming somewhat of necessities, would it be so obscene to ask for discounts?

We beg to disagree!

We at M.O.R. Vacations are here to let you know that we have massively dropped the prices on our membership fees that it’s already obscene! How would you like to pay only $898 for signing up with us until the 1st of October?

The $898 is applicable to those who have existing travel memberships with another company to trade in. If you don’t have an existing membership to trade in, we’d still like to help you, as you can still join at only $1298!

What if we sweeten the deal? What if you could pay that amount by installment? What if we tell you that this new network actually made Johnny Bolton resign from his key role in another travel network?

M.O.R. Vacations will help you realize your dreams of taking more vacations that matter, vacations that would not make a black hole in your pocket, but would actually allow you to earn!

We are big on mutually beneficial relationships. M.O.R. Vacations would prove beneficial for you, me, and for the people you refer to the membership! The price fits your budget, your prospects, and THEIR prospects!

People lining up to buy memberships off you would soon be a common experience for you, as you are offering memberships for discounted travel at an unbelievably lower price! This is exactly what M.O.R. Vacations more attractive to travel buffs who want to travel more!

Sign up with us now, so you could enjoy more vacations at M.O.R. Vacations’ value-packed price point!

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