New York New York – Its a hell of a Town!

by Jonathon Vanguard

Probably one of the first stops will be the Empire State Building and whilst it may be on every tourists list, that doesn’t mean it is not worth it, especially the view from the top. For others the winner of this little competition is the Rockefeller Center which is a little taller but if you don’t have a clear day you won’t see anything anyway. Huge numbers of visitors have meant it can often be difficult landing at the Statue of Liberty and getting off the tour boat at Ellis Island is often the easier option.

The Staten Island ferry can still be traveled on without cost and can offer excellent photo opportunities of the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty; the island is also worth a look and the terminal is a favorite spot for street performers, some are of a professional standard.

Without going to the site of where the World Trade Center Towers used to be no seven day visit to New York would feel right. Whilst there is a strange eeriness about the place that is larger than you expect at the same time it does not feel as if it needs to be photographed.

For those who love to shop there is of course the famous Tiffany’s and Broadway plus some fantastic old discount warehouses worth a look down on the Lower East Side.

Of course you must not miss out Maceys where there is always a sale on or the very expensive Bloomingdales. At the time of writing the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum was closed for refurbishment but should be open by the fall of 2008; this attraction is highly recommended and worth putting on your list of places to visit. There is a great deal there with the focus on the USS Intrepid, a Second World War aircraft carrier but Concorde is also there and many other interesting vessels, including a submarine.

The New York City Police Museum is worth an hour if you’re down that way; it’s free to enter but a five dollar donation is recommended to help with its upkeep; it contains a great deal of information about the World famous Police Department and you can buy souvenirs too.

Then it is worth seeing some of the older history of New York back when there were huge numbers of migrants entering the city and the Lower East Tenement was where most of them ended up; this is now a museum and a time capsule. There is more history in the City of New York Museum on Central Park which holds exhibitions of the past, present and future. The museum is in a beautiful building which is free to enter but a nine dollar donation is normally given with plenty of souvenirs available.

As I am sure you can imagine if you have been on a trip to any major capital city, there is far more to see and do than a short stay or even a seven day trip to New York can accomplish.

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