North Pender Island & South Pender Island

by Kenneth Hatton

A portage at a narrow strip of land that joined Pender Island was made into a canal in 1903 to assist marine traffic. This separated the Penders into North and South Pender Islands. The Penders were once again joined in 1956 by a one-way bridge.

Pender Island is really North Pender and South Pender, they lie between Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia. They lie in the calm and picturesque waters located in the Strait of Georgia among the Southern Gulf Islands.

With the best climate in Canada and only 30.7 inches of rain a year and a sub-Mediterranean type climate Pender Island is the perfect place for getting married, or the family vacation. Whale watching, kayaking, golf and quite walks on the peaceful trials all enhance the family vacation.

Pender Islands offer over 20 beach accesses and Hidden coves. Mortimer Spit and Hamilton Beach have picnic sites and swimming.

The Parks and Recreations Commission have opened more beach accesses and clearly mark and maintain the many trails on Pender Island. The climb to the top of Mount Norman is well worth the effort, once you see the view you will understand why so many people are coming to Pender Island.

Step back in time as the trusting Islanders offer their locally grown apples, blackberries, vegetables, and produce on the road side stands. Where you are trusted to pay before you drive away into the quite country side.

Visitors arriving from outside Canada can clear customs at Bedwell Harbour, May through September. The main transportation to Pender Islands is BC Ferries which has service from Victoria, BC and Vancouver, BC. There are also charter air services that service the Pender Islands.

The Bed & Breakfast Inns along with the The Inn on Pender and Poet’s Cove are the only accommodations on Pender Islands. You should confirm your reservation during the busy summer months. There is also limited camp sites available at the Provincial camp grounds.

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