Property & Tourism Nightmares In Fuerteventura

by Alan C. Redman

Many companies in Fuerteventura and the Canary Islands rent property to fun-loving holiday makers from various countries. But the main nationalities that come here are The Brits, Germans, and Irish.

Now it seems like a tiny section of the worlds various countries. And there is a very simple explanation for this. Only one or two countries have direct flights to the Canary Islands. Plus the runways are a little short for the bigger planes. But mainly its because only certain countries advertise these destinations.

Its makes sense that countries with direct access to routes here should push these destinations. But it would be great if other countries followed suit.

There is plenty of room for more airlines, plus the airports have been revamped in expectancy of a population boom for 2008.

But it never came to be. What DID happen was the horrible credit crunch hit airlines and the rest of the world very hard. The gas prices for airlines went through the roof, and this extra expense was passed onto the traveler. This has affected everyone, and now vacations seem to be a secondary consideration.

This is very sad as I live in the Canary Islands and to see the places low on tourists, empty seats on planes, and the tourist attractions simply not attracting tourists, is a crime.

I understand that this is a global phenomenon, but I guess its a little more obvious somewhere as small as Fuerteventura that relies on tourism. Its they don’t come; the place is empty.

To see the islands on their knees is horrible, and I am sure everyone around the world is suffering the same. But being here in this microcosm really brings it home.

But the Canary Islands and Fuerteventura in particular, are fantastic places to visit. They are clean, safe, and the prices out here are fantastic. Property is cheap to buy and rent, and the average cost of a meal for a family of four, is probably 35% less than the UK.

Come and join me in the Canary Islands; it might be a little trickier to get here. But I promise you’ll have a ball.

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