Special Features of 12 Days of Classic Vietnam

Special Features of 12 Days of Classic Vietnam

Vietnam has become a popular tourist destination that attracts the attention of different travelers. Located in northeastern Asia on the easternmost part of the Indian peninsula, the country has much to offer tourists who want to enjoy a vacation in Vietnam.

We offer a series of beautiful trips to Vietnam, where travelers can enjoy a wonderful vacation. We will highlight some of the special features of our 12-day Vietnam Classic Tour today.

The Neo-Romanesque Cathedral of Notre-Dame in the City of Ho Chi Minh

The neo-Romanesque cathedral of Notre-Dame, in the city of Ho Chi Minh, is one of the most outstanding historical sites in Ho Chi Minh City. The French settlers built this impressive cathedral between 1863 and 1880 and is known for its imposing towers of 58 meters in height.

When the French gained control of this part of Vietnam, the Roman Catholic Church wanted to establish a religious settlement where the French could pray. That’s why they laid the first stone of a small church on March 28 and the construction works of the cathedral were completed in 1865. Today, the Christian monuments of Ho Chi Minh City become one of the tourist attractions that they often travel to Vietnam.

In August 1876, the governor of the city held a competition to choose the best design to build a cathedral instead of the church. When the best design was chosen, the French began importing building materials from France. Even the stones of the red exterior wall of the cathedral, which still retains its original features, were imported from Marseille. The cathedral was built in three years and will be completed on April 11, 1880. Many travelers visiting Vietnam wish to explore the art and architecture of the country.

Then, in 1895, the two famous towers were built with a height of 57 meters. This adds to the addition of the bronze bell weighing more than 28 tons. At the top of the towers, two crosses were added to form a rather imposing structure that surprises travelers from all over the world to enjoy their vacations in Vietnam.

The Opera House Of Saigon

Another attraction in the city of Ho Chi Minh is the Opera House of Saigon, one of the most beautiful tourist attractions that receives different tourists who travel to Vietnam. This is the most important opera building in the area. Built in 1897, the Opera House of Saigon has 800 seats. The building was used from 1956 to 1975 to house the Vietnamese parliament before it was once again converted into an opera house.

Tourists traveling to Vietnam enjoy different performances at the Saigon Opera, which include opera shows, classical music concerts and traditional Vietnamese shows and dances.

The Old Town Of Hoi An

Hoi An is a wonderful example of a traditional Asian port that has been reasonably well preserved. The city also represents a wonderful model of how different cultures and civilizations are mixed. Many travelers visiting Vietnam enjoy a trip to the old part of Hoi An.

Hoi An has the beautiful architectural elements of the ports of Southeast Asia in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This is an addition to this incomparable style of narrow streets and much decorated streets. The city also houses some notable historical buildings, such as the Baguda Buddhist temple, some old houses and old meeting rooms. All these elements attract travelers who visit Vietnam to explore the city.

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