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The Irish standard is a vertical tricolor that features the colors orange, white and green. This national standard was first adopted in 1919 and hence flown from Irish and such flag poles for a a few decades. Interestingly, it was adopted in the constitution some years later in ’37. The orange vertical band is position on the fly-end of the Irish banner.

The idea of combining the colors arose when certain Irish folks were present at the French Revolution, but the flag did not become nationally popular until after the 1916 “Easter Rising,” when it was one of several flags hoisted to Irish flagpoles in today’s capital city of Dublin.

The traditional national Irish flag displayed from Irish flagpoles was the “Green Flag,” which featured a golden harp, used in the rising of 1798. The orange color was adopted by the loyalists to remember King William of Orange. The national flag of Ireland is one of a few official standards flown in this part of the world.

The meaning of the national tri-color has yet to be defined by the Irish Constitution. However, the government has said that green represents the so-called “Gaelic” tradition of the republic. The color orange symbolizes the folks that followed William of Orange. White represents peace between the two colors.

It was at some point during the year 1541 that the dynastic union of England and Ireland became official. In 1689 the Battle of the Boyne took place, which was an Orange victory. Some 3 years later the parliamentary union of Ireland and Britain was a fact. The Easter rising took place some one hundreds years later, in 1916.

There are sets of guidelines available that instruct how the Irish tri-color is to be utilized, flown and such from Irish flag poles. The observance of flag-protocol is more of personal matter however. Like other nations, no other national flags are to be flown from a flag pole above the national Irish tri-color.

I have to yet to observe the national Irish tri-color flown from American flag poles. If flown in combination with other national standards, including Old Glory, one is supposed to learn the flag etiquette guidelines, and what is considered good practice when put on display together.

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