Rollercoaster Rides on Rajasthan Tours

Picture the sun blind you as you exit from the airport, and the heat scorch your body. Imagine a genial man await your arrival and escort you to your car which is cooled to comfort. You are then driven smoothly through till your car pulls into the most magnificent porch which is the gateway to a tastefully designed palace which is to be your home. Staff welcome you with a mark of vermillion, a fragrant garland and comforting drink made with locally grown condiments. The marble cools and relaxes you, and the opulent interiors elevate your status to nobility. Your bedroom is a suite that is fit for the kings. Plush interiors and people waiting on you hand and foot make indulgence seem like your birthright. Welcome to Rajasthan!find her Jodhpur Jaisalmer Tour Package at lowest price

Rajasthan tours are immensely popular not only for the experiences that they allow, but also for the style and luxury that these experiences can be enjoyed with. Rajasthan allows you only the ultimate in comfort, class and leisure.

All Rajasthan tours begin with rounds of the palaces. This is because they are present virtually anywhere you go. There is hardly any city or town which does not have some monument worth displaying. Several cities like Bikaner and Udaipur have more than one palace within it, and tourists even have the option of staying in palaces which are now transformed into luxurious resorts. The palaces are not just meant to overwhelm you , but also to allow you a wonderful opportunity to understand where this state derives its rich tradition from.

Following closely are the experiences of the Thar Desert. A sizeable portion of Rajasthan is covered by arid desert which contributes largely to the climatic conditions experienced through this region. Although hot and dusty, the desert is an incredible learning ground offering some interesting insights into the lifestyle and culture of the people. It is also the ideal vacation for those seeking adventure, as Rajasthan desert tours give you a great platform to be enthralled by some great activities like camel and jeep safaris and desert safaris as well.

Several wildlife parks and reserves form a spectacular part of Rajasthan, offering animals and tourists variety in terrain and habitat. Some of the rarest, most magnificent species are contained in this wonderland which plays host to everyone equally. Wildlife tours are among the most sought after in the state of Rajasthan as they promise the highest chance of sighting the elusive tiger.

When in Rajasthan, there are several experiences you must be sure to include. Among these are the ancient temples and mosques, which are almost as old as the state itself. Through the year you will find many fairs and festivals held across the state.

Ensure you have a chance to celebrate some festival in Rajasthan, as it is a delight which brings people together. The delectable fares of Rajasthan must be given their due. Take the time to indulge your taste buds and stomach to some of the greatest gastronomic wonders of the world.

Come home to Rajasthan, where the songs and dances wind you through to your soul, where the fun does not stop, and where you lead the life you have always dreamt.

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