The Beauty of the Western Cape Wildlife

by Glenda Capman

There are many wildlife parks and reserves for visitors and residents to enjoy to be found within the Western Cape of South Africa. There are hundreds of varieties of animals including reptiles, birds, mammals, and fish. The highlight for many visitors are the mammals such as the lions, buffalo, leopards, and elephants.

Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

Some of the native people of the Western Cape of South Africa, the San, were the inspiration for the name of the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. The reserve has more than one hundred thirty thousand acres located at the bottom of the Wamwaterberg. The Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is the only reserve in the area that allows lions to roam about freely.

The Western Cape of South Africa was home for thousands of years to the San people. During their stewardship of the land they created religious artwork on the local rock formations that can now be viewed by guests of the reserve. There are seven different piece of rock art to be seen, some of which are thirty-five hundred years old.

The Sabona Wildlife Reserve in the Western Cape of South Africa has been breeding a rare form of white lions. These lions have always been a rarity in the region but now, unfortunately, in many areas they are completely extinct. The owners hope that by breeding the lions they will one day be able to release them again into the wild.

The Sanbona Wildlife Reserve gives guided tours through the Western Cape of South Africa. With such a vast area and a huge range of wildlife guests are sure to have a unique experience. At the end of their excursions guests can look forward to returning to their comfortable rooms on the reserve.

The Wildlife Reserve of Ko-Ka

Located near thecity of Cape Town in the Western Cape of South Africa is the Ko-Ka Tsara Game Reserve. This reserve stretches across thirty thousand acres and is home to about twenty separate species of animals in additionto two hundred varieties of birds.

Guests to the Ko-Ka Tsara Game Reserve in the Western Cape of South Africa can go on night or day guided drives to observe the wildlife. There are also hiking trails and bird watching areas for those who want a more private experience. After a day of animal and bird watching guests are invited to enjoy a nightly campfire and gaze at the stars.

This Western Cape of South Africa reserve offers guests a choice of seven stylish chalets as well as a conference center and lounge. All of the chalets have been built using local materials to help them blend more easily into their surroundings. The reserve offers a kitchen for guests to cook their own meals or guests can request a cook to cater their meals.

There are more than a dozen wildlife reserves and parks located in the Western Cape of South Africa. No matter which location you choose you are sure to view a vast array of wildlife. The Western Cape of South Africa has such a diversity of wildlife that no two trips will ever be the same.

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