The Most Rewarding Amazon Tour Package

Attractions in the Amazonian region are breathtaking and diverse. This is why they attract visitors from all parts of this world. Their diversity ensures that the needs of different tourists are met based on their preferences or tastes. The price of an Amazon tour package will depend on your destination, attractions you will be visiting and logistics like transport or boarding facility.

Among the Must Visit areas in this rain forest region is the Galapagos Islands and its surrounding landscape of unique rain forests. This region has amazing nature trails and canopy towers that give visitors a breath taking experience. You have a chance to engage with such animals as iguanas, seals and giant tortoises. You will also have fun snorkeling and kayaking. With world class hotels and lodges lining the region, alongside professional guides, you are in for an unforgettable treat.

Machu Picchu is a breathtaking attraction for history lovers. It is situated deep into the rain forest where you have a chance to interact with multiple varieties of monkeys. You will also encounter the giant river otters and other lake inhabitants. Along the way is the famous Sacred Valley of the Incas. Scenes from the top of Machu Picchu are amazing and unforgettable.

The Andes section is populated by the famous humming bird. This area is surrounded by the endangered Cloud Forest that is unique allover the world. Other wildlife inhabitants of this region include spectacled bears, colorful butterflies and the unique capuchin monkeys. You also have a chance to visit the Manu National Park where world class lodges and restaurants await to provide the much needed rest. You will need several days to exhaust a visit to this area.

For lovers of low altitudes, there is an area populated by the macaw clay licks that will prove exciting. This is along the low lying mountains and has both a wildlife center and a tented camp. This is also one of the areas that has the largest population of giant river otters. Parrots dot the trail with their beautiful melodies and colorful feathers. Accommodation is very affordable, completing your wonderful touring experience.

Tambopata is a research center located near a prominent macaw clay licks in the Amazon region. You will witness a display of some of the most colorful macaw birds that also entertain you with their sounds. There are lodges in this region with dedicated trails for children. The bio diversity in this region is amazing and rewarding for visitors.

The Amazonian region offers incredible attractions for all tastes. The price you pay and currency you use in the area depends on the country you will be visiting. However, carry US dollars since they are accepted on almost all points along the routes. ATMs connected to international banking institutions also make it easy to access funds. To conveniently withdraw money in the area, notify your banker about your travel intentions.

If you are planning your vacation to the Amazon, your best package is a customized one. It reflects the area you will be traveling to, a personalized cost, particularly picked destinations and necessary immigration planning. A professional agent will help you design the package. Remember to carry some money in case of an emergency and to also tip the helpful guides and bag carriers.

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