The Startling Sites Of Delray Beach Florida

Delray City presents a host of attraction for tourists. They include lifestyle stores and outlets, historic scenes and natural land features. Among the most attractive phenomena are the 2 miles of white sand beach with crystal clear waters. Delray Beach Florida is served by the Florida State Road A1A that also links other major cities.

Among the exciting places to visit is the remains of Inchulva Steam ship that sunk in 1903. They are historically significant and have gained relevance as a habitat for corals and native fish. This attraction is easy to access from the shores considering that it is in shallow waters. It is a great adventure sight and learning tool about history.

There are incredible restaurants, art galleries, retails and night clubs for visiting tourists. Security is guaranteed with full-time patrol by Delray Beach Police department. This allows visitors to freely enjoy day and night attractions. International stores and brands are represented for tourist shopping.

Tourists are increasingly flocking to the city to enjoy the art galleries. This has resulted from the improvements on the art district which has brought more performance artists, cultural organizations as well as photo gallery hosts. Jazz and art festivals are at the center of attraction with six events every year. This transformation has earned the city the title of Most Fun Small Town.

Recent years have seen a boom in construction to accommodate the needs of a growing tourist population. Most of these developments are on the main road north and south of the Atlantic Avenue. The area also offers adequate parking space provided by the municipal authorities.

Climatic conditions are a major boost to tourism in the area. The tropical rain conditions have made the area attractive all through the year. The lowest temperatures are recorded in February. Throughout the year, the range is between 57 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it conducive for tourism in all seasons.

Efforts by the Delray Beach Fire Department have improved safety measures. The measures include adequate facilities and proper training for rescue personnel. The locals are fully sensitized and can effectively respond to an emergency. This places this city among the safest tourist destinations.

The landmarks and buildings to lookout for during a visit include The Colony Hotel, Tennis Center, Old School Square and St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church. The hotel was built in 1926 and thus deserves the title of a landmark. The church is located at the edge of down town area, which makes it conspicuous.

Delray Beach Tennis Center has raised the profile of this town to a considerable level. It has a sitting capacity of 8,200 spectators and holds an international series every year. The name of the town changes for the entire week to Tennis Beach to honor the event.

Access to the city is convenient through numerous means. They include state highways, city shuttles, rail, bus or by water. The city is served by shuttle services through the day and night making 22 stops around town. Tourists have the options of a yacht cruise to access through the sea. All these means offer convenience and variety to enjoy great fun.

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