Things to do while you are in Andaman

The Andaman Islands are a group of islands that are full of unspoilt natural beauty. It has become a popular destination for adventure tourism with improved accessibility. It is famous for its exotic beaches and different types of adventure sports it offers. Some of the popular adventure sports in Andaman are scuba diving, snorkeling, etc. One can take many affordable adventure tours offered by travel agencies based in India. The adventure tours in Andaman will give you the thrill and adrenaline if you are an avid lover of adventure sports.

Adventures you can have while you are in Andaman

Diving: There is a totally different world under the deep blue waters of the ocean and if you want to experience the stunning marine life, then diving is something you should experience in your life. Andaman is the only place in India that offers scuba diving. Your exotic sea water and rich marine life is something you should try. Havelock is the best place to dive in Andaman and you do not need to worry about safety as it will be conducted under the supervision of professional experts.

Snorkeling: It is somewhat similar to scuba diving, but is basically done at less depths or on the surface. A swimmer wears a diving mask known as snorkel and sometimes fins while doing this recreational activity. You do not need to be an expert swimmer to do snorkeling, as you can only use the mask and experience the exotic marine life while floating. There are many places to dive in Andaman.

Game Fishing: If you love fishing then there are some companies in Andaman that offer all the equipment and facilities required for fishing off the Andaman coast. You can make some of the best catches while fishing here because of its rich marine life. It could turn out to be the perfect leisure or vacation you’ve always wanted. Andaman is a paradise for all fishing enthusiasts.

Active Volcano: If you are bold enough, then you can go closer to the only active volcano in India, the Barren Islands. It was dormant for 177 years, but it hatched twice in the last two decades. Permission required from the Forestry Department.

If you are looking for a unique Andaman Adventure Tours then you can go online and find the perfect Adventure Tour Packages in Andaman. They are offered by some travel agencies based in Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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