Things You Should Leave at Home Instead of Packing for Your Journey

by Pat Lowe

Every day, millions of people jump on a plane to take them to their next port of call and the majority of these people have some kind of luggage with them. However, when it comes down to the basics of what they should and should not pack in their bags, very few of them actually know what’s what.

When you are planning your next trip away you need to be careful in selecting what will go in your checked-in bags and what is best in your hand luggage. It’s not just a case of convenience for you but also about following the rules of air travel in connection with items not permitted on board an aircraft.

Some of the articles not allowed on the plane carry only a partial ban. This means they are not allowed in your carry on luggage, but they are accepted in your checked-in bags. These include such things as liquids, sharp objects, sporting equipment and tools, and these regulations are imposed for reasons of safety.

Even though there are many things allowed in your checked luggage which are not permitted to be carried in your hand luggage, there are still some items which are not to be carried on the plane under any circumstances. These usually come into the explosive and flammable materials categories and include such items as bombs, dynamite, flares, gunpowder and matches.

Attempting to board an airplane with any of these items in your possession is likely to land you in serious trouble.

Along with considering which items you cannot take with you because they are banned by the airlines, you should also give some thought to traveling light. Obviously, you will want to keep your hand luggage to a minimum but this can also be said for your checked-in luggage too.

Many of the airlines have restrictions on the size and weight of both your checked-in and hand held bags. You are likely to be asked to remove some of the contents of your bag, or charged an amount for excess baggage if you exceed these limits.

Take into account the monetary value as well as any sentimental worth of the items you are taking with you. If the loss of these items would incur financial or emotional distress then it may be better to leave them at home whilst you are away on your travels.

By giving these points just a little bit of thought before you set off you will not only keep out of trouble at the airport but your trip will be worry free and much more enjoyable.

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