Tourism Guide Requirement and Trainings for the Whale Shark Season

In the WOMEN’S ISLAND or Isla Mujeres in Mexico Quintana Roo, the travel service providers should hand in a proof of training so as to obtain new credentials.

The Department of Tourism in Isla Mujeres reported that May 8 was the last day to renew the travel guides’ credentials to be able to legally observe and swim with the whale sharks.

Several days ahead of the beginning of the sighting season of what is deemed as “the biggest fish around the world – the Whale Shark”, a process was ongoing to be able to take on the appropriate guiding documentation. Such documentation to be obtained should indicate the training hours and to meeting the work requirements through the 2012 season.

In order to obtain the credentials to be whale shark permit holders, the guides should pass proof of 160 hours of training classes.

Furthermore, they need to present original and copy of their guiding credential, original and copy of proof of refresher courses, original and copy of a medical certificate and proof of first aid and CPR courses, and color photographs of passport sizes with white background.

The Tourism Board sent out the invitation to all of the licensees to take this opportunity to process and take all the required documentation in order to renew their permits. According to the Tourism Board this will be the last chance to renew them.

The Marine Development as a Great Threat to the Whale Sharks

The whale sharks are under threat by a marine development in Mexico.

A specialist said that the Marina Esperanto’s opening or the so called nautical development project which seeks to build a more than 1 km long tourist marina from the hotel to Coromuel, in Bahia La Paz poses a serious threat to the life of the whale sharks.

According to a Mexican whale shark specialist Deni Ramirez Macias, the whale shark should be first and foremost taken into account when building the marine. Another thing that he mentioned is that once the marine is in full operation, accidents against and threats to the world’s largest fish will increase as there will be greater number of vessels coming to and from the area.

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