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The old Bilaspur town was established by Rishi Ved Vyas.Bilaspur is a region of Himachal Pradesh state, India. Bilaspur is a place where the echoes of the past blend with the tomorrow. The new town, on the bank of the Gobindsagar Lake of the Bhakra Dam is 64-km from Kiratpur on the Chandigarh-Manali National Highway No-21.In the diminish past, numerous hundreds of years prior, Rishi Vyas went to the bank of the Satluj stream to do compensation in the verdant and ripe locale possessing large amounts of low slopes, timberlands, brushing

Bilaspur City

terrains, rivulets and streams. In the Vyas Gufa,which draws a nonstop host of visitors and pioneers, the Rishi who penned the Mahabharata, lived as he set himself up for the challenging undertaking, which he was going to perform last in another Gufa in the Uttrakhand far up in the heavenly statures of the compelling Himalayas.The street connect on this lake at Kandraur is most noteworthy of its kind in Asia(285 meter long and 60 meter high), with base camp in the town of Bilaspur.Bilaspur was a past august condition of British India.

The antiquated Lakshmi Narayan and Radheyshyam sanctuaries, alongside the Vyas Gufa, avoided being submerged by the twirling water of the dam as current man’s landmark to nature conflicted with the old. The Satluj, which ascends in the snows of the Tibet, in the wake of intersection the Dhauladhar in the lower areas of the Himalayas above Rampur, make wide porches, in the profoundly created and populated town of Bilaspur. The 225m high Bhakra dam is the most astounding on the planet. A connection with the past is still given by Nalwari, the most vital reasonable of Bilaspur, which is held each year in the third week of March.

Bilaspur, in the past the seat of the leader of the State is presently submerged in the Gabind Sagar, it was arranged on the south east side of the Satluj. Bilaspur Township is arranged quite recently over the old town of Bilaspur at a stature of 6,70m above in ocean level. The new Bilaspur Township can be truely portrayed as the initially arranged slope town of the nation. The delight of a visit will be upgraded complex when an engine dispatch is favored as the method for travel, floating through cool and captivating waters of the lake.


The New Town: A definitive impacts of the enormous development were to produce a large number KW of electric vitality, which consolidated with a canalization of the waters has amplified water system more than ten million sections of land, to help in nourishing the overflowing millions. The Gobindsagar supply behind the dam is 80-km long on whose banks has sprung the new township of Bilaspur. Two major creating stations have been constructed just underneath the Bhakra Dam, each with a limit of 600 millions watts.


Asia’s greatest mirror carp incubation center is arranged here, at a separation of 13-km from the town. Kandror Bridge: While the town is arranged on the lake made by the most elevated extension in India, Kindror Bridge is the second most astounding scaffold on the planet and is 22-km from Bilaspur.


Himachal has dependably been the most loved stamping grounds of the old Rishis or Sage. Here they performed compensations and looked for cures for humanity in their orisons or supplications. Markand is 25-km from Bilaspur, is the place Maharishi Markand played out the strictest severities on his body to dive into the mysteries obscure to man. A plunge in the holy waters here is a certain cure, it is accepted, for baby sicknesses and sterility. There is likewise a celebrated sanctuary around 20-km from Bilaspur, in tehsil Sadar named after prestigious Rishi Markandeya, who lived and worshiped there. As indicated by a legend, a passage associated Markand and Vyas give in and the two rishis, Vyas and Markand used to visit each other through this sub-landscape way. Notwithstanding a place of worship there is additionally a water spring of antiquated acclaim where a night reasonable is held every year on Baisakhi day.

Bahadurpur Fort:

On the highest point of a slope known as Bahadurpur the most elevated point (1,980m) in the region close Tepra Village in Paragana Bahadurpur, subsequent to covering a separation of around 40-km from Bilaspur. The lovely woods of deodar and boycott trees adorn this range. It is only 6-km above Namhol, from this high place the Ratanpur Fort, Swarghat, the Fatehpur Fort, the Naina Devi slope, fields close Ropar and the mountains of Shimla can be seen. This Fort was worked before 1835, however now is in its remnants.

Shri Naina Devi Ji:

A remarkable place of love in the area is the sanctuary of Shri Naina Devi Ji, arranged on the slope beat which rises somewhere in the range of 9,15m over the consecrated town of Anandpur Sahib in Ropar. The sanctuary remains on the very summit of the slope over a little bazar and is come to by a long flight of stone strides or by a link auto. Sariun Fort: To the eastern side of the Tiun extend, on the lifty range and pinnacle of Sariun like this fortification at a height of around 1,500m above M.S.L and is around 58-km.from Bilaspur. Convention holds that the fortification was initially worked by a similar Raja of the recent Suket State and was hence wrested by the leader of Bilaspur, the neighborhood individuals engage a superstition as indicated by which, the stones once framing some portion of the Fort are not utilized as a part of any private building.

Tiun Fort:

Relics of this fortress is arranged on the highest point of a slope known as the Tiun go, at separation of around 55-Km.from Bilaspur, on the Ali Khad crossing Ghumarwin-Ladraur motorable street and around 10-km from Ghumarwin. Vyas Cave: The name of sage Vyas is notable in this part. Arranged at the foot of the new township, the conviction is that Vyas Rishi reflected in this surrender. The starting point of the town, Vyaspur is accepted to have been gotten from this buckle. Lying on the left bank of waterway Satluj, this place is acclaimed as a journey as well.


Swarghat is in a perfect world arranged around Bilaspur on the Bilaspur-Chandigarh street. Roosted at a rise of around 1,220m from ocean level, Naina Devi sanctuary and Bhakra Dam, are likewise agreeable from here. There is likewise a sanctuary devoted to Lakshmi Narayan.

Bhakra Dam:

Arranged at Bhakra town of Bilaspur, around 13-km upstream from Nangal township, it is one of the most elevated straight gravity dams on the planet. The lake is around 90-km long, covering a region of around 168-sq-km of which 90% is in Bilaspur and 10% in Una area. The dam was devoted to country by late Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru on November twentieth, 1963. The perspective of unfathomable dam and green wildernesses around is interesting to be sure.

Kol Dam:

Kol dam is arranged around 25 K.M from District HQ Bilaspur on waterway SATLUJ 4 KMS upstream of Dehar Power Plant.The development of this venture will be finished by the National Thermal Power Corporation ( NTPC ) and an assention has been occurred between H.P. Govt. what’s more, NTPC on 26-02-2000.

The most effective method to GET THERE

By Air: Chandigarh and Bhuntar are the closest air terminals, situated at 135-km and 131-km from Bilaspur.

By Rail: The closest wide gage railroad station is at Kiratpur Sahib and closest limited gage rail line station is at Shimla, which are associated by consistent transport administrations.

By Road: Bilaspur is agreeable by street from Shimla and Chandigarh.

Apparel:  Cotton garments in Summer and light woolen in winter.

Dialect: Hindi, Punjabi, English are comprehended and talked by the general population occupied with tourism exchange.

Settlement choices in and around Bilaspur shift from sumptuous lodgings, for example, HTPDC’s Hotel at Swarghat to sensible spending inns.

Arranged in the hot temperature zone the atmosphere of Bilaspur reaches from high temperature to sub tropical and snow seldom falls here.


The Nalwari or Annual cows reasonable is held at Bilaspur for four or five days in March/April months, the event is set apart by wrestling and different beguilements. Dairy cattle are brought from Nalagarh and neighboring parts of Punjab to offer here.

Adjacent CITIES
Deoli : 13-km
Markand : 25-km
Bahadurpur : 40-km
Sarium : 58-km
Tiun : 55-km
Swarghat : 40-km
Nangal : 13-km
Chandigarh : 135-km
Bhuntar : 131-km

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