Travel Insurance Diii

by Roc Selly

The importance of Travel Insurance goes far beyond protecting yourself from a pick-pocket in Trafalgar Square or losing your bags in transit. Respective of your age, destination and budget, you can now refine your travel insurance policy to suit your exact individual needs.

I’m sure we’ve all heard (or can tell) a horror story or two about travelling. The old favourites including personal items or money being stolen or lost, transport being cancelled or missed, accommodation falling through, accidents on the ski slopes, a bad dose of the trots, the list goes on These are all potentially nightmarish situations which can be somewhat remedied with the right travel insurance.

It is important to remember all the benefits that Travel Insurance brings with it including monetary compensation for lost/stolen belongings or cash, medical cover, personal accident cover (for long-term illness/injury), cancellation fees and repatriation in case you need to be flown home.

That’s not to say that you will suffer any of these misfortunes but who’s to say you won’t? With Downunder, even the most frivolous traveller can be covered for such incidents for little cost.

And the best thing about travel insurance is that now you can find adrenaline sports cover too. Not all travel insurance brokerse offer this but it is out there. Try the travel insurance companies that target backpackers and have a relatively young market. With new risky activities cropping up around the globe regularly and their followers growing evermore passionate, it’s a wonder not everyone is offering such affordable, all-encompassing Travel Insurance.

But that’s not to say that you are likely to suffer any of these misfortunes but who’s to say you won’t? With travel insurance, even the most carefree traveller can be covered for such incidents for little cost.

As for convenience, if you think that the airport’s the last place you want to realise that you forgot to get insurance, think again because nowadays that should not be a problem at all. You can buy a travel insurance policy from any internet-based travel insurance company from any pc with an internet connection or just call them and it will be issued to you immediately. Although you may not have the paperwork in your hand, your insurance is valid as of the second you buy it. If you don’t have the facility to print off your policy or policy wording, request that it gets emailed to you immediately so that you can keep an electronic copy and if you have any questions your travel insurance provider should only be a phone call or email away. So if you’re in the airport reading this, don’t panic. Call or email a competetive travel insurance broker and they’ll sort it so that you can sit back and enjoy your journey.

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