Visas in New Zealand

When it comes to retiring, many people look abroad for what their future may hold. Whether it’s the poor English weather, or just the fact that they have had enough of this country, overseas the prospects for retirement can look better on both a health and financial scale. Whether it’s a warmer climate of simply a lower cost of living, many people choose to move away to lead an easier and more laid back lifestyle.

A Retirement Visa Scheme was introduced by the New Zealand Government in March of last year, to allow British Citizens to travel to New Zealand and spend a period of their retirement there.

The system is fairly simple to apply for and requires that all applicants are over the age of 65. In addition, any applicants must prove that they can fund their entire stay in the country while making a contribution to the economy.

As with many visas there are different types of Retirement Visa that you can apply for and these are divided into the Temporary Retirement and Parent Retirement Visa groups. A stay of up to two years can be given through the Temporary Retirement Visa, providing that applicants can prove they have the wealth to cover their trip – including any medical or welfare costs they may incur. For the duration of their stay they are also required to invest a minimum of NZD$750,000 in the Government.

The Parent Retirement Visa allows parents who have more than half of their family already living in New Zealand to be prioritised in their parent visa applications, providing they meet the Family Parent Visa criteria. This criteria includes having a child who is a New Zealand Permanent Resident or Citizen as well as being in good health and character. The must also invest NZD$1 million over the course of their four year stay.

Find out more about a New Zealand visa.

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