Visitors to Toronto- Health insurance

by C. Ray Sondeo

Visitor’s medical insurance has become very common in the world wide markets today. This is because more and more people are traveling outside their own country and moreover the number of times a traveler travels also is increasing. Until a person is in his or her own country he or she does not need a separate policy for coverage for medical emergencies. Such coverage for them is available under the local health insurance schemes.

In many countries, especially USA and Canada, the overheads of medical care and hospital facilities is very high. The cost would definitely drain away all your cash if you were not covered by some insurance plans. A visitor medical insurance is a will allow people to travel peacefully who are on a business trip or on a pleasure trip to Toronto.

The visitors health insurance schemes are aimed at protecting the interests of visitors, tourists, skilled workers as well as international students. The motive behind these visitor insurance policies is to make sure that a visitor is underwritten against any unexpected dangers that he/she might face during their visit to Toronto.

These policies are made suitable enough to meet each individuals needs and offer highest coverage to the buyers. It is important to procure these policies at the time of the journey. Relatives staying in Toronto can make provisions for such travel insurance policies for their guests.

The health care of Canada is known to be the best and most advanced in the world. However, it becomes very difficult to bear the medical and hospitalization costs for an ordinary person. Paying for medical bills may leave a person nigh on penniless overnight! The answer to this problem while traveling to Toronto is to purchase a visitor health insurance policy.

If you do not take any insurance policy, even a simple medical treatment in Toronto can be really expensive. Without these insurance policies you will have to pay all the money from your own pocket. As the rates for medical care here are very high the residents of Toronto definitely have for a cover of some suitable general health care insurance plans for themselves. However a visitor cannot avail benefits from such plans. For this purpose, visitors who visit Toronto should have a visitors insurance.

The Ministry of Health, Ontario recognizes several categories of people to whom visitor medical insurance may be granted. Visitor insurance for a traveler may be given if he traveler is a Canadian citizen, a permanent inhabitant, a landed ?migr?, a convention refugee, or is registered as an Indian under the Indian Act. Further, travelers who have applied for permanent residence or landing are also eligible to receive such benefits.

Foreign workers having a legal work sanction or employment authorization, from a Canadian employer located in Ontario also are entitled to receive benefits under the health insurance scheme. Spouse, foreign clergy, dependent children, or a foreign worker also are eligible for applying for a visitors insurance. Such criteria allows distinguishing between visitors who qualify to apply for a travel insurance scheme to cover expenses for medical emergencies or ailments. As Ontario is one of the most expensive places to live in a visitor’s medical insurance plan is a must for any traveler to Toronto.

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