Walking The Streets of Napoli

by Todd Gibson

The northern party of Italy is all refinement and money. The south is all about the life more of us live on a daily basis with all its warts. If you want to visit the real Italy, there is no more colorful place than mighty Napoli.

On a list of things to see in Italy, Napoli is going to rank pretty low. It should not. This is a city pumping with adrenaline and excitement. It is a classic port city with fine cafes down the street from the ultimate dive bare. In short, it is great!

Some of the best food in the world can be found within Naples. Known as the birthplace of pizza, this town also boasts many fantastic chocolate shops, lots of great pastry shops, and some truly fantastic gelaterias. Aside from food, the souvenirs that can be found within the heart of the town are stunning.

Cameos are a famous form of Italian jewelry. If you are interested in them, you are going to love Napoli. This is where they are made. Slap on your top shopping shoes and just head out and start shopping. Jewelry stores are plentiful and every one of them carries the cameos.

In every manner Napoli is a city that is going through an amazing rebirth. Children play soccer in the middle of crowded squares as street sellers pedal their carts through whizzing traffic. While attempting to cross the street within this city takes nerve, once you understand the flow of this town it’s a snap.

Napoli is not a city you visit to see attractions. It is a city you visit to experience the city and the people living in it. It is about as authentic as it gets in Italy. Take a stroll and just let it soak in. You will enjoy yourself immensely.

Once you are settled, get out and just walk the downtown area of Naples. You will find all kinds of authentic, fascinating people. You can watch talented artists turn a piece of wood into the most amazing toy. The experiences will leave you fulfilled.

You might be hesitant to check out Napoli. Do not be. It is tremendous. One visit and you will be hooked. It is my favorite Italian city. Unlike Rome and other cities, life actually feels like it is not tailored around the almighty tourist dollar.

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