The Consumption of Popcorn in America!

by A.L.Castle

Popcorn is consumed more in America than anywhere else in the world. Americans eat more than 17 billion quarts of popcorn. We each consume more than 60 quarts per year.

Americans love their popcorn with salt and butter. We even like our gourmet popcorn in different flavors. We add candy coatings and different flavors. We make it cool ranch, cinnamon, blue raspberry, pizza and more. We even add nuts and caramels to it.

We can enjoy popcorn while watching our weight too! Popcorn is a whole grain and is the perfect snack for you. As long as you don’t go over board with the salt and butter. You can air pop popcorn for even less calories. Just spritz it with an butter flavored spray so the popcorn salt will stick.

Popcorn makes a great snack to take with you as you travel. Make different flavors of your favorite gourmet popcorn and store it in zip top bags for the whole family. It will stay fresh for over a week.

Gourmet popcorn makes a treat that everyone loves. With prepackaged glazes and seasonings it’s easy to make gourmet popcorn. You add the glaze to the popcorn popper before popping. The glaze coats all the popcorn. The glazes are not made for use in air poppers.

Popcorn makes a great treat for eating at home while watching movies. Compared to the same amount of a bag of chips, popcorn is a lot cheaper to make. It costs pennies and is alot better for you.

Popcorn is consumed more than any other snack. Popcorn can be enjoyed almost anywhere. Snack producers make popcorn in different flavors. They make it in such flavors as white cheddar, nacho cheese and others.

Almost 75 % of popcorn is consumed at home. The other 25 % is enjoyed from flea markets, movie theaters, concession stands, ball parks and large retail stores.

Popcorn has a song about it. It is sung at baseball games as part of our national pastime. The song is about popcorn with a caramel coating and peanuts. Popcorn is used for holiday decorations. It is strung together on string and used as garland for Christmas trees and fireplace decorations.

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