Why Not Try A Boutique Hotel

by Iain Mackie

A Boutique Hotel is usually small, intimate hotels that provides a very personalized service. The hotels are generally unique in both style and decoration. Often a boutique hotel is based upon a theme, scheme, or idea. An example of this could be a chocolate themed hotel where the decoration would be chocolate and cream with chocolate treats and cuisine. If you wanted to take this theme to extremes you could have each individual room themed upon a particular chocolate.

The First Boutique Hotel

Steven Rubell invented the phrase “boutique hotel” in 1984. Along with Ian Schrager he opened the Morgan Hotel in New York and used the term boutique hotel to describe it. Morgan’s stood out from the run of the mill hotels because of its originality and stylish design.

Rubell, who along with the entrepreneur Ian Schrager, commissioned parisian designer Andre Putman. Putman devised an overall theme and style for the hotel which could be described as “America meets Europe” taking unique aspects from both to create something wonderfully unique. The key was to ensure that all of the main characteristics oozed independence and originality. In doing so he helped design, arguably, the worlds first boutique hotel.

There are other hotels which lay claim to being the first ever boutique hotel and claimants include the Bedford in Union Square, San Francisco. The Bedford hotel has changed ownership since it very first opened it changed its name to the Hotel Cosmo and, most recently, to the Vintaggio Suites.

The reason why I have stated that Morgan’s was the very first boutique hotel is for the very simple fact that it was Rubell himself that coined the phrase to describe his hotel. Prior to this no other hotel in the world had been described as such and therefore, by default, Morgan’s was the very first, even though earlier hotels have, subsequently, become known as boutique hotels.

Other Boutique Hotels

In England the very first boutique hotel was in Leeds. This was 42 The Calls, whose owners transformed an old corn mill into a sleek and stylish boutique hotel. The hotels design embraces its former use by keeping some of the old machinery, and featuring luxurious handmade beds. London’s first ever boutique Hotel was The Blake’s in South Kensington, and since then boutique hotels can be found all across the capital.

England’s capital is one of the most diversely populated cities in the world. There are people of every race, color and religion across the city. This is reflected by the incredible range of boutique hotels available. There is a theme or style to suit everyone, from the luxurious and traditionally styled hotel to the more chic or funky themed hotel. No matter what style of boutique hotel you choose, you will not be disappointed as they all pride themselves on their intimate and personal services.

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