3 Vital Steps For Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

by Benjamin Wise

We all know what it is like when you break up with your girlfriend, at that moment you are at a loss. The next thing you begin to do is think how to get her back; this can become an issue if those actions become desperate.

Then of course you try calling and she does not pick up. The more she ignores your calls the more upset you find yourself getting. As the feeling of rejection creeps in your actions become more desperate.

One thing after another can lead to making even more mistakes, making the possibility of getting back with your ex even more challenging. The first critical step you need to take is to take some time out. Do not call your ex just let things settle down.

Step number two is to talk things over with friends, especially mutual friends, as they may be able to give you some good advice. In the case of mutual friends they may be able to talk to your ex to see what is going on. In this step your gathering information and you’re not hounding your ex, with this information you can discover what is at the root of the problem.

The third step comprises of gathering your thoughts. Been that you are investigating where it all went wrong time is moving on, providing you with more space to clear your mind and make the best decisions moving forward.

By taking these steps you are acting maturely and running around like a lost puppy. Due to the fact that you have not called your ex, she will get the impression that you are working things out, and of course with that she may fear that she will actually lose you, because often times relationships end as a test to see if you are really committed.

As mentioned often breakups get to be a test to see if one or the other is truly committed to the relationship. If either party feels that they could lose the other then the behavior can begin to change.

In conclusion, you can call your ex after a few days and when you do I suggest talking about general topics such as work or other stuff, then say you will catch her later. Give her space, let her make the move, but provide the environment for her to be able to make the moves comfortably. She may for example say do you want to meet for coffee and this is an indicator that she wants to talk and this is the door opening once again for the relationship to be put back together.

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