7 Effective Ways To Chat up A Girl

by Benjamin Wise

1. Ask questions. The best way to start a converstaion with anyone is to ask questions on a general subject. Women like guy’s who are conversational and who are considerate of their opinions. This an effective way to get a conversation going.

2. Ask for help with something. Women like to know that they are needed and if you ask for their assistance with something you can then move into further conversation. However, be sure the assistance is not hard labor. You might even accidentally drop a few things near her to see if she will stop and help you pick them up.

3. Compliment her. If you want to chat up a girl then compliment her. Women love to hear compliments and positive things about their appearance. Tell her you love her hair, her skirt, or a purse that compliments her. This can lead to you asking her where she got it and so on.

4. Buy her a drink. This is one of the oldest methods to begin a conversation with a woman and it still works today. Remember that this doesn’t have to be in a bar. You can buy a woman a drink in a restaurant, a caf?, or any place that serves drinks.

5. Get her to dance. This does not mean you have to be in a club, you can actually do this anywhere there is music playing, now before you think I am crazy there is an underlying theme and that is humor, women love spontaneity and humor, you may not dance but the gesture is enough.

6. Say “Hi”, you do not have to be a genius to come up with this one, sometimes it is the simple things in life can make all the difference, don’t as mentioned over complicate or over think it, just do it and see what happens, she may take up the conversation and run with it.

7. Inject a little humor, make light of yourself, don’t come off like you were preparing a script for the entire day, just relax, keep it simple and take it easy, and try and let her do most of the talking.

Chatting up a girl is not as hard as some guys make it out to be. If you want to talk to a girl then be natural and be yourself.

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