7 Signs on When and How to Get Me Pregnant

by Alicia Wilkins

You might ask yourself, when is the best time to get me pregnant? As a lot of women know by now, timing is everything when you are trying to have a baby. Ovulation only happens for a few days a month, so you should take advantage of those hormone infused days.

Best 7 Signs – Here are 7 signs that can guide you and your husband. These tips should be able to give you the baby that you so long for. What these tips do is tell you when you are nearing your ovulation peak day, which is the best time to try and conceive. Once you see these signs it’s time to say to your husband, “Let’s get me pregnant, honey!”

1.) Increase in Cervical Mucus

Your body increases the production of cervical liquid or mucus when you are ovulating. You will notice a slippery egg white like mucus coming from your vagina. This is what some women call white blood and this usually happens right before or during ovulation.

White blood comes right before your period too because ovulation happens right before you get your menstruation. So if you have a fairly regular menstrual cycle, you can keep a schedule to help guide you better.

2.) Heightened Sex Drive

During ovulation, your body release hormones that make you want to have sex more. These hormones also have an effect on your partner and they will find you irresistible. Some people have said that this could be nature’s way of ensuring reproduction.

3.) Your Cervix Moves Forward

You can tell the position of your cervix. Just stick a finger or two in your vagina to check if you are fertile or not at that time. If you’re not, then your cervix will feel hard and closed. But if you are, then it will be softer and more open to let the sperm in.

4.) Breast Tenderness

There are also some women will feel that their breasts have become softer and more sensitive to touch. This and other premenstrual symptoms are indications that you are approaching your ovulation peak.

5.) One Sided Pain

This is called middle pain or mittleschmerz. This is slight feeling of pain or cramps that your body might experience during ovulation. This is caused from a tiny bit of blood causing an achy feeling. Not every woman notices this pain. But if you do experience it is a good clue that you have ovulated.

6.) Your Body Temperature Shifts

The temperature of your body can also be used as a guide on when is the best time to conceive. You can track your body temperature by taking it everyday. And if you notice a spike in your temperature, then it means that you are near your ovulation date.

7.) Surge in LH

For this sign, you will need an ovulation prediction kit to tell if you have a surge in Luteinizing hormones. This is in fact a clear indication that you are ovulating. This is some sort of last option if the other tips do not work for you.

Timing is important. So familiarize yourself with these signs so you can say to yourself, “this is the right time to get me pregnant!

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