Best 3 Tips to Get Her Pregnant

by Alicia Wilkins

When it comes to conceiving, most women don’t really care whether they have a baby boy or girl. Most husbands, however, are different. Most men prefer their first born to be males so their eldest can take can take of his younger siblings. Or there are too many of one gender in a family already.

Some families prefer to have one child only. Couples who decide to have one child also opt to have a baby boy instead of a girl so the family name can still live on. So there are a number of reasons why a couple would decide to have a gender specific way of conceiving their baby.

Baby Gender – The gender of the baby is determined through the sperm of the husband. Male sperm is smaller and faster than the female sperm so it arrives to the egg much quicker but they can also be pretty fragile.

Here are some tips for husbands and wives on how to get her pregnant with a baby boy or girl:

1.) Know The Right Timing

When trying to get her pregnant, timing is very important. If you want to have a bouncing baby boy, then you should try conceiving on the day that you ovulate. So there is already an egg that the male sperm can fertilize.

Opposite goes if you want to have a giggling baby girl. It is best to have intercourse when you are approaching your ovulation period. The sperm can live to up to five days inside the body of a woman. Since female sperms are slower swimmers and can live longer than male sperms, you want to schedule your love making properly. Have sex as far from ovulation as possible but still close enough that some sperms will survive, hopefully the female ones.

2.) Use an Ovulation Kit

If you’re hoping for a baby boy, the ovulation kit is very helpful. You will know when exactly you are ovulating and then you can proceed in trying to have a baby. You should try testing twice a day so you will when exactly you are going to ovulate.

This isn’t really helpful when you are trying to have a baby girl since it can’t tell you if you are approaching your ovulation period. What it can do is tell you your ovulation schedule so you can keep track. You can also check if your ovulation is regular.

3.) Know When Not to Have Sex

It is also important to know when not to have sex. If you are trying to have a baby boy, you should abstain from intercourse or use a contraceptive as soon as you start seeing fertile cervical mucus. You raise your chances of having a baby girl if you have sex a few days before your ovulation peak day.

Stay fertile. Since you are scheduling the days to get her pregnant, it is important to stay fertile. You are decreasing your chances of having a baby if you are limiting the days you have intercourse. If you have problems of getting pregnant, maybe it is best not to engage in gender specific methods. That way you raise the chances of getting pregnant.

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