Choosing The Perfect Flowers For Funerals

Death, bereavement and dying entail a lot of pain, grief and a roller coaster of emotions. More often than not, in Singapore, despite the urban and busy living, sending flowers to the family and friends of the departed is quite comforting for them. Funeral flowers express feelings that words cannot. Nevertheless, there are times when it is difficult to choose the ideal kind of flower to send. The following are some tips on how to make the selection process easier.

In picking flowers to send for funerals, it’s important to exude a personalised touch to it as it’s known to radiate compassion all the more. Think about the departed when choosing flowers. If you are giving flowers to a guy who loves fishing or hunting, then it’s wise to send flowers with a touch of masculinity to it. Adding berries, grasses and some botanical texture to it is the best way to go. On the contrary, if the departed is a very feminine lady, then funeral flowers with pastel colours are the best choices.

Usually, funeral flowers given at funerals are representations of the relationship between the sender and the departed. For instance, it is a sensible idea to tell the florist about the deceased and the reason why you’re sending the flowers. This could be a great starting point for the design theme to be created.

Incorporating non floral items for the design’s central point can turn the arrangement extra special. Then again, the funeral flower arrangement does not necessarily have to be the most luxurious in the funeral home. It’s the thought that counts.

A mix of flowers in a distinct yet subtle display of perfectly blended colours typically makes an elegant arrangement of flowers. Funeral flowers are usually sent to either the funeral home, to the family’s home or to the church. Therefore, to maintain a solemn feel, shades of funeral flowers like pastels, blue and purples are the best choices.

Singapore Funeral Services oftentimes provide funeral flower arrangements. You may have your flower arrangement at the Funeral home Singapore itself. Just keep in mind that funerals honour the memory and life of a loved one. Including flowers provides comfort during such an emotional occasion.

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