Disney Has The Honeymoon Package For You!

by Greg Hansward

What is the solitary place on this planet which may enjoy the moniker “happiest place on earth?” Disneyland, of course! Yet did you know that this place also offers a honeymoon package that is bound to make anyone happy?

Granted, when you think about honeymooning after your nuptials, Disneyland might not immediately come to mind. After all, the wedding is the single most important milestone in your adult life that adds a new dimension to your already responsibility laden life. No longer are you going it alone, but now you will have a partner with you! The happiest place on earth, however, in the minds of many belongs to the time in your lives when children are blessing your marriage and you are now a family.

These folks are sadly mistaken! Granted, Disneyland is great when you have kids and the little ones thoroughly enjoy the sights and sounds of the park, but there is actually a wonderful honeymoon package available just for the grown ups! While the amusement park is certainly included in this activity, there are also other benefits you will want to know about. For example, the stay at the luxurious Disney resort as well as the transportation from the airport to the resort all will be taken care of by Disney!

The resort itself is beautifully laid out with pools and hot tubs ready for you. Rooms are generously proportioned and there is not shortness of available perks! Enjoy the high quality room service meals or opt to eat the restaurants. No matter which activity you pick, please remember that it is next to impossible to dislike this kind of honeymoon package!

Of course, if you think the park is just for kids and once you have seen one you have seen them all, think again! There are so many new rides which are consistently added to the mix, as well as little shop attractions you are likely to simply walk by without ever really noticing them. To really explore one of the theme parks, you would probably have to allocate a number of days of uninterrupted sightseeing and experiencing just to do the venue justice. Just remember to be careful of your engagement rings.

Already there have been glowing reports posted on the online message boards and forums that laud the Disney honeymoon packages and highly recommend them to travelers from all over the world. It is heartening to see that even adults who originally may have looked a bit doubtful at the notion of spending their first week as a newly married couple together in a child’s paradise, yet when they return from their outing they are invigorated by the vitality that becomes theirs simply by joining in on the fun and for just a little longer act like children.

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