FAQs About Hiring A Bay Area Wedding Planner

Anyone getting married knows how much thought and planning goes into this important event. It is a huge help to have someone help with the planning. However, it is important to choose the right person. The following information will help you to choose a Bay Area Wedding Planner. Everything will be much smoother when you have the right person helping you and guiding you along.

Personal recommendations from people you know is the best type of recommendation to get. Ask around for names and information. Take a few minutes to think about those you know who have recently been married, give them a call to get some names and numbers. You can also look in the telephone directory or search online as well.

As a couple have a clear picture of what you do and do not want. If you find an area where you cannot agree, leave it alone for a while. Write down everything that you agree in. You will need this when you visit the planners on your list. If you have pictures that you find on the Internet print them out. If you find them in magazines cut them out and take them with you. Anything you can do to convey your ideas in the clearest way possible will mean fewer chances of mistakes.

Make phone calls to each name on your list. It is important to meet in person. This is not something you are able to do over the telephone. Arrange a time to meet for a consultation. This is when you will learn about the person. In addition to you learning all you can about the process, you are also going to be interviewing to see who is best suited to you.

Often a bride will wonder if she can go to the consultation on her own. While it is possible for her to do this, it is not recommended. This marriage is going to be between two people, the entire event should please both partners. Therefore, both should be at the meeting. You can of course also take along a friend or family to join the two of you.

Be sure to bring along your photos and print outs. This will help you be as clear as you can about the vision you have for your event. Discuss contacts that the planners have as well. Often they will have great suggestions on spaces, entertainers and food options.

Do not make a decision right away. Go home and go over all of the information that you have gathered. Communicate with each other to determine what each of you liked and disliked with each one. This will help you to narrow down your choices to finally come up with the best one.

Remember when hiring a Bay area wedding planner that personality is just as important as skill and contacts. You should hire someone who you genuinely like. You will be working with each other pretty closely and should get along. The person you hire should listen to you and pay attention to what you want. After all, this is your big day and what you as a couple want is the most important thing.

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