Four Common Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Your Ex Back

by Marc Sandford

When you’ve recently broken up with your ex, your whole system is suffering a lot of emotional stress. Nature has structured our brains so that intense stress causes us to act first and think later. Sadly, this doesn’t work so well when we want to get our ex back.

Unless you’re an expert on dealing with break ups, your instincts are going to lead you in the wrong direction. Heated emotions will cause bad judgement which will result in lousy decisions. Simply being aware of the usual mistakes that people make and keeping a clear head will start you off on the right foot.

1.) Threatening your ex is a strategy that isn’t going to be effective anytime soon. The majority of people respond by getting angry and resentful. Getting someone to want you is all about attraction while threats are coercive and repugnant.

2.) Don’t engage in any pleading or begging with her. This is only going to diminish your worth to her because it places you in a position of weakness. There isn’t a thing attractive about seeming desperate and pathetic.

Don’t forget that confidence, strength, and maturity are masculine qualities that women like. Pleading is frequently shown in the movies as a very romantic gesture. But in the real world, you will just get her contempt.

3.) Pouring a lot of attention on your ex right after a break up may seem the right thing to do when you’re panic stricken. However that’s because a panic state fills you with an extreme need to fix the problem right now at any cost. To her, you’ll come across as desperate and even a little crazy.

So it’s best to lay off all of the late night calls or the text messages. And to allow the situation as well as yourself, some time for cooling off.

4.) Avoid getting resentful and angry with your girlfriends friends and relatives. It’s to be expected that they’ll side with her and gossip about you. Staying on good terms with them will make your attempts at getting her back easier.

Don’t forget that half of the battle is not making the mistakes that will damage your odds at winning your ex back. You can do this by not allowing yourself to get gripped by anger, panic, or the other extreme emotions that commonly occur during a break up. Avoid any of the thoughts and situations that stir up these destructive emotions and start working your plan to win her back.

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