Get Your Ex Back – What Not To Do

by Marc Sandford

After a break up, most guys think that life as they know it will come to an end. This panic can frequently cause them to make impulsive and desperate actions to get their girlfriend back. This will frequently do a lot more harm than good.

The panic will typically cause them to act against their best judgement. But even their better judgement in this case isn’t always correct. That’s because it would either take a lot of experience in the school of hard knocks or lots of study to truly know what they should do.

Here are a few typical mistakes to avoid in your bid to win your girlfriend back:

1.) Be careful about apologizing excessively. Admitting to your mistakes in a mature fashion is good. But don’t allow yourself to get carried away by assuming all of the blame for everything that went wrong.

Unless you truly are at fault for all that went wrong, doing this will diminish your worth to her.

2.) Never speak badly about the ex girlfriend. Less than nice things about her can get blurted out when you’re under a lot of stress. It may make you feel better because you’re venting off a little steam.

Depending on who and how many people overhear, that little slip of the tongue will find its way to your ex. Getting her back will be difficult as it is. Don’t make it even worse.

3.) It’s late at night and you’re feeling an intense need to give her a call. You’re feeling very lonely and maybe have had a drink or two. Try your best not to phone her.

There are two reasons for not calling her. One’s that it is an impulse call made when you’re feeling emotionally weak. You just don’t know what you’ll end up saying.

Another reason is that you’ll seem desperate and needy. Unless she is really turned on by those qualities, it’s a bad idea.

4.) Try to avoid arguing about the separation. Doing this works against you in several ways. First, both of you need to cool off some and incessant arguing just fuels the fire.

Likewise, arguing against breaking apart can flip you into pleading mode or anger mode. Being angry with her won’t make her back down, it’ll make getting her back more difficult. Pleading is going to cause her to question why you are so desperate and needy.

Desperation equates to lacking confidence, being dependent, and being too easy to get. These aren’t the qualities of the ideal man.

Don’t forget that half of the battle is not making the mistakes that will damage your odds at winning your ex back. You can do this by not permitting yourself to be overcome by anger, panic, or the other extreme emotions that commonly occur during a break up. Avoid any of the thoughts and situations that stir up these destructive emotions and start working your plan to win your ex back.

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