Getting Him Back From Another Woman – Get Your Man Back

by Chris R Smith

It is very common for a man to get another girlfriend quickly after a break up. These rebound relationships can really suck for you even though they hardly ever last. If he seems like he recovered so fast and went out and found someone else… it is usually not true. Most of the time he is just trying to fill the void. Even though you may feel like there is no hope, getting him back from another woman really is not very hard at all.

Your instincts may tell you to do things like talk down on the other woman and point out her every flaw to your ex, while comparing how you are much better. Even if he agrees with you, he is not going to let it show. People hate when other people make their decisions for them or try to force them into making a decision, so he will just push back against you. So, you do not want to tell him how much better you are than her, make him notice it on his own. If he decides by himself that you are a better person, then he will follow his instincts.

You do not necessarily have to be supportive of his relationship, but let him know that you are okay with it. Let him know that you just want him to be happy. Do not do this in a depressed way though; you have to actually be sincere about it! If he starts to complain about her, do not get too excited and start complaining about her too. Even though he is doing it, it will seem like you are attacking her if you do it too, and he will sense your “ulterior motives.” When getting him back from another woman just keep in mind that you have to be careful of what you say and not appear to be sabotaging him.

You have to make sure not to get too close to him as a friend though. If you are there for him whenever he wants, then he gets to have his cake and eat it to. Let him know that you are there for him, but ultimately he is going to have to make a choice between you and her. Do NOT stick by his side until he gets around to deciding… and make sure he knows that you are not going to. It may sound rough, but if you are getting hiim back from another woman, this is the plan to stick to.

A plan is essential for getting him back from another woman. You need to make sure you are thinking 3 steps ahead so you can be prepared for each situation. If you are not prepared, you can get caught off guard and then it is very easy to mess up the entire process of getting him back from another woman. So, most importantly of all: Make sure you have a PLAN!

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