Honeymoon Plans Include Resort Locations

by Eric Slarkowski

Would it be better to spend your honeymoon at a trashy resort or camping in the Smoky Mountains? Granted, these are not usually the only choices open to the budget conscious bride and groom, but anyone who has ever looked into the various resorts knows that there is a big difference in price as well as quality, and the travel brochures can be quite misleading!

When it comes to picking the resort where you and your spouse will spend that first week as man and wife together, it is important to have a setting that underscores the unity between the two of you and sets you up for making some beautiful and lasting memories. This can be achieved in modest conditions as well as the more extravagant ones open to you if you have the funds to pay for them.

No matter which option appeals to you and your budget, it is usually a good idea to involve the help of a professional travel agent who knows the options open and also the savings opportunities that may not be advertised in the brochures. This is especially vital if you are traveling abroad and are in need of some help with respect to visas, the language, and the making of accommodation reservations. Your travel agent can also prime you about local customs, such as tipping and common courtesies, prior to embarking into an exotic locale so that you will not be seen as the stereotypical American tourist.

Of course, some find that their pocket books will not permit them to make the trips abroad and instead they will find that staying closer to home is the only option open. In some cases it might be a local honeymoon resort or one that is in the next county! Those who have some travel money will delight in the fact that the Niagara Falls and also the Pocono Mountains are close by and will make for wonderful vacation getaways.

You will most likely be able to save on your transportation since a road trip will get you there in a flash, while those who have a line on some cheap airfare may choose to pick venues in accordance with the cheap flight schedules. There truly is no shortage of available resorts close by, and when discussing the many options open to you with your spouse to be, it is a good idea to pick out a list of the top three you both can agree on and then find the best deals out there. While the honeymoon is not the place where you want to skimp and save, it is also not the area where you want to indebt your family and cause strife and financial anxiety.

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