How to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

by Jenny Reed

Losing your girlfriend is very hard to cope with for anyone. You probably feel terrible right now but if you want to get her back you can’t let yourself sink into misery. There are steps you can take to get your girlfriend back so it’s time to slap a smile on your face and get to work.

Before you start on your campaign to get your ex back you need to get control of your emotions. No matter how bad you feel right now you can’t let your misery show. If you look and act like this is the end of the world for you you are reducing your chances of ever rebuilding the relationship with your ex.

Don’t be in a rush to start making moves aimed at getting her back. Slow down and get yourself into a cheerful but determined state of mind. Clear thinking now is essential so that you can formulate an effective plan for reunion.

You must at least appear to feel strong and confident even if that isn’t really how you feel at all. Above all, do not appear desperate. Weakness is not a trait that women admire. Don’t phone her or try to contact her in ant way. Don’t “accidentally” bump into her on the street. If you do these things you will make your problem worse.

It’s important that you are careful what you say as well. Avoid talking bad about your ex to anyone. This could get back to her and ruin your chances on getting back together, so it’s best to just keep your mouth shut and avoid sticking your foot in your mouth.

Be sure that you look after yourself physically as well as mentally. You need to look your very best right now. Start working out, buy some new clothes or get new and different haircut. Your ex girlfriend will eventually see you and you want her to take a second and maybe a third look at you.

After you are sure you are confident enough to handle talking to your girlfriend, a quick phone call may be a great idea. However, you want to make the phone call brief and to the point. Let her know you wanted to check up on her, and then do something that will spike her curiosity. Consider telling her you want to just talk to her sometime about how she really helped you out with the breakup or use some other line to get her curious enough to talk to you.

It’s best to have a plan A and a plan B because you will never know for sure before hand what will work out for you. The important things are to go slowly, don’t rush her and to maintain your own confidence and good humor.

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