How To Win Your Lover Back

by Justin Krawl

Most relationships can be saved following a breakup, regardless of who was at fault for the breakup in the first place. After a period of cooling off, it is more than likely that at least one of you, if not both, will be trying to think of how to get the other party back again. After a breakup, behavioral changes are common, such as not listening to certain songs which remind you of your ex. Some people instead will immediately try to salvage things; calling repeatedly trying to patch things up, or driving by their ex’s home to check up on them.

Most fights which lead to breakups are due to one party or the other feeling as if they are unappreciated or worse yet, neglected. These feelings of neglect can eat away at a person’s ego, even leading to depression. This depression may build over a length of time and lead to an argument getting blown out of proportion, causing a breakup. These problems can often be resolved, so there’s hope if you have been wondering how to get your lover back.

Both parties should be given ample opportunity to cool off. If your ex isn’t taking your calls at the moment, that does not necessarily mean that there’s no hope of reuniting. They might simply still be angry at you – or interested to see how badly you want to get back together.

Continuously calling this person will not make things better; in fact, it could make the situation worse. Just because your ex isn’t answering the phone doesn’t mean that he or she does not want to make up. Maybe your ex isn’t answering the phone because he or she is still angry with you. Maybe he or she isn’t answering the phone because they want to see how desperate you will become. No matter what the reason, refrain from continuously calling them. This could make a bad situation even worse. Not only is this an example of desperation, but it is also a symptom of obsession. Continuously calling your ex is a form of stalking and could result in big trouble for you, especially if your ex is actually still angry with you. Also, don’t drive by your ex’s residence or check on them. Not only will this individual feel that you do not trust them, but, again, this is a form of stalking and could result in prosecution.

Before even attempting to get your lover back, however, you both need to decide on your own if this is the right decision. Were the two of you always fighting about the most minor if issues or is one partner so jealous that it is in and of itself an issue? Be honest with yourself when trying to make this decision.

Don’t spy on your ex when you are trying to get your lover back. They will perceive that you don’t think they are trustworthy, which will only make matters worse.

The ending of a relationship can be a very confusing and heartbreaking time. Try to remember to take a casual approach to the situation. Wait until the other person is ready to talk. And when the other person is ready to talk, don’t talk about the break-up or what caused it. Especially don’t make accusations as this will not benefit you, especially if you are attempting to make up. Try to come to a compromise if at all possible. If you are agreeable with your ex, you will certainly have an advantage.

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