Is Your Marriage Under Stress?

All too often, marriages end in divorce because stress builds to a point that’s so overwhelming for the couple, they feel they have no way to control it. This comes about when they lose control and burst out their disappointments. These continue until the couple can no longer live with their spouse. Many marriages can be saved if people can show more patience and understanding to the shortcomings of their partners. Stress in the home that can lead to break ups are mostly due to the following issues: Finances

Many broken marriages can be traced back to disagreements over money. This is easy to understand because money is the one factor that affects people’s daily lives. It is understandable to worry about money, but not to the point of letting it break up your marriage.

Learn how to live within your means. Don’t even think of buying a new car if your finances will not allow it. Strike a balance between your income and expenses. Make sure your bills get paid each month and then use some of what’s left over to buy those unnecessary items or put it away into savings and save up for that new car you want.

Don’t let your credit card spending get out of control. It becomes a bane once it wrecks havoc on your budget and you are forced to consolidate your debts which can hardly be considered as a better option . Raising Children It is not unusual for couples to disagree on the proper way of bringing up their child, an example would be the manner of instilling discipline in cases of transgressions. They each come into a marriage with two different family values. These values can clash, resulting in arguments between the couple. What they should have done was to think the matter over, give each other the opportunity to talk and strike a middle ground that will be satisfactory to all. Your children are a generation apart from both of you, under different standards. If you work together as a team, you can overcome the stress of raising your children or at least minimize it.

Hiding your emotions

Marriages can’t work if the couple can’t get their feelings out in the open to talk them out. If left inside, they can bottle up and inevitably explode in an outburst of anger. Give an outlet to your frustrations. If you talk openly, you might be able to find a compromise together.

Innumerable causes make marriage especially vulnerable to stress. At some point, you may have to seek help from a marriage counselor. They can help cope with the stress in your marriage. You can better preserve your marriage if you are able handle stress.

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