Methods For How To Save A Relationship

by Chloe Jenkins

As social animals humans feel a basic need to come together in groups of all sizes. The most important of these social groups is the one on one relationship. While this relationship holds an incredible amount of sway over our lives, the intimate nature of it can make it unstable.

The first step is to address the problem. For many the problem can be evident and obvious, such as a cheating partner, or financial troubles. Other times you must look deeper and go beyond the obvious and put your relationship under a microscope. Many problems can be indirectly caused by small things that you wont see.

Once the problem is identified you must then establish your feelings on the situation. Rationality is what you must strive for here. Problems can and usually will lead to the rise of strong emotions, your do not want to suppress these, but rather have them work in tandem with rationality. By keeping a level head you put yourself in control of your individual situation.

The strongest tool you have at your disposal when attempting to save a relationship is communication. When beginning this step with your partner you must take into account the fact that they might not see a problem. If this is true you must be tactful when bringing up the subject. Your partner might become defensive towards you, making any move to save the relationship impossible.

As the your communication of the problem grows so can emotions, and therefore so must your rationale. Many people can allow things to be said in passion that they do not mean. Its important to remember that in the heat of a moment words can be misconstrued on both sides. While it is important to take what is said with a grain of salt, remember also that passion can also make people more truthful then if they are in complete control of their emotions.

Now that your communication is evolving you must begin to attempt to see the situation through the eyes of your partner. You must decide whether or not they see a relationship worth saving. Many times a partner can feel it is easier to end it rather then save it, if you believe this is true you must make them see that this relationship is worth saving by reminding them of what you had, or by starting over with them and building a new relationship.

In your attempt to remind your partner of your relationships history you must first look at it yourself. If you two have overcome many obstacles and hardships in the past make sure to let your partner know that so that they can see how solid the relationship is. If you feel that the past history of your relationship isn’t enough you must go to the beginning when you first met and invoke those old feelings that first drew you together.

Through all the trials and tribulations of attempting to save a relationship you must always remember to stay level-headed and always communicate clearly. If you can manage that while practicing understanding you can gather the pieces and put your relationship back together.

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