Avoid being rejected by your love

by Paul Smith

It is very scary to be rejected by someone especially by that person who has a space in your heart. It happen when you don’t know what your girl wants from you or you don’t know what makes women not get attracted to men. Usually women don’t like men who have lower status than them, when a lady is taller than her man, she makes more money than him or when a guy is being ‘led around’ by his girlfriend or wife. Keep some points in mind while asking a lady for date.

Remember women like men who can make decision on their own. So show some responsibility to them while making decisions.

If you want to date a lady seems so beautiful, such great company and seem successful too, you think you like her then you should not tell her initially that you have feelings for her.

You need to give her a little space – let her ‘miss’ you just a bit. Let her pursue you.

You can check your date’s interest in you by this. Ask her to out on a date with you and see her reaction.

You call her and she was ‘busy’. Call her tomorrow and she is still ‘busy’. What happened? Well you need to know that she is avoiding you.

Just show your leader ship while you are on a date with her and treat your date well and behave well. Women like men who respect them so always show interest in a lady as a person not as a sex object.

Be Men who make decisions and stand by them. (This is why you can ask a girl what she wants and take her to her favorite cafe / club tells her how you feel about her and watch as she loses interest in you).

Take care of yourself. Look after your personal hygiene and grooming.

At last just try to be with a person who understands you and your feelings more you’re your looks. Attraction seems to be triggered by things that make no sense at all and can be easily destroyed.

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