Be Stylish on date (Men)

by Paul Smith

Your style always matters you are on date or somewhere else but it makes you noticeable. Getting your style right on a date, is always important. If you get your style right and look your best then the rest will hopefully follow. Style is not about buying expensive designer labels, following the latest trends. It is simply wearing what suits you and what you feel comfortable in.

Wear the clothes which suite you and your body. Leave the comedy clothes and accessories in the wardrobe. Do not wear t-shirts with slogans it might offend and cartoon character ties just look ridiculous. They are never right for a date and certainly not a first date.

Look smart and like you have made an effort. Looking like you have not bothered is insulting to your date and will appear arrogant.

If you have tattoos try to keep them covered on the first date. Some women love tattoos, but others don’t so it is best to keep them covered on a first date.

Don’t wear a suit if you don’t feel comfortable wearing one, you will simply end up looking uncomfortable and uptight and your date might think it is them making you feel that way.

Wear clothes that fit you properly. Clothes that are too big or too small never look good. Wear anti-per spirant deodorant.

Don’t wear sandals unless you have very good feet, if you’re not sure then avoid. Wear comfortable shoes.

Never try to impress your date with your fashion knowledge, particularly if you don’t know what you are talking about, they might know more than you.

Compliment your date on what she is wearing, even if you don’t like her outfit.

At last be confident and do not forget to wear a smile after all it makes you perfect.

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