Be Stylish on date (Women)

by Paul Smith

Style is equally important for both men and women. Of course on your first date you also don’t know that what your date will like or not. Women are more cautious about their look so they really want to add more in their style. So here are some tips for women too.

First of all you have to avoid bright colors in nail polish and lipstick it doesn’t look elegant and sober. Never shop for an outfit on the day of your date. It will only stress you out and that is the last thing you want on the day of your date.

Choose a hairstyle which suits to your face; don’t rush blindly after a trendy hairstyle when it doesn’t suits you.

Wear outfits which suits to your body and makes you trendy as well.

Do not use hairspray, it smells bad and it is unpleasant to touch.

Do not wear lots of jewelery doesn’t make you look rich, it has the opposite effect.

Avoid heavy makeup; you don’t want it to look like you put it on first time.

If you can strongly smell your perfume on yourself, then you have put too much on.

D o not follow trend blindly, your friends might be jealous but your date might not follow fashion and might not get it.

If you have no idea of make up then it will be better to consult a specialists who will help you to look good and gorgeous.

At last smile is always a perfect make up so put it on.

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