Change It Up: Established and Contemporary Wedding Band Variations for Men

The new wedding band was to be placed on the fourth finger of the left hand, according to ancient Greek belief, to be in contact with the vein of love that ran from that finger directly to the heart.

A high quality platinum wedding band will be around 900-950Pt, an indication that it’s 90 to 95 percent pure. It’s quite often comprised of a mix of osmium, iridium, and similar alloys that enhance the stunning good looks of these exquisite items of jewelry.

When platinum bands are scratched, they lose just about no metal, due to a higher density of the precious metal contained in the band.

Your man may not have as great an interest in jewelry as you might (at least, you’re pretty sure he hasn’t bookmarked at least five completely different websites about diamond engagement rings), but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about what goes on his ring finger. If you want to pick the perfect wedding band for your man, then follow these tips and tricks below:

If diamonds are ranked by the 4 C’s”” — color, cut, clarity, and carat — precious metals might be adjudicated by what we call the “”3 D’s. “” Not just a way to watch movies, in this case the 3 D’s stand for durability, display, and dollars. “”Prongs,”” the part of the ring setting that holds the stone, are also made stronger by platinum and will require less maintenance over time. Most brides and grooms base the selection of their wedding ring metals on their aesthetic preferences. Skin tone, wardrobe, existing fine jewelry, tradition and personalized taste will all play a role in whether platinum or gold is the right choice for your ring. ”

Every time a platinum wedding ring is commonly nicked, platinum is just not taken off this diamond ring, whilst scratching the antique diamond ring will certainly, over time, remove a few area colouring.

Making platinum jewellery is not an easy as it doesn’t melt easily unlike gold. Because of enduring, unique and purity, platinum is known as the king of metals. In fact, all platinum jewellery pieces do not have equal quality in design and shape. So, you need to follow some points before buying platinum rings.

Platinum can be used in a more pure form than gold which is ordinarily combined with other alloys so it will be much more tough. This can cause it to oxidize and change colour in time, but Platinum is used in 90 to 95% purity. This standard of purity also suggests that people with very sensitive skins or those inclined to allergies are much more likely to be able to put on Platinum. If you are intending to be putting on a wedding band regularly, as you generally do with wedding bands, this is definitely a very important factor to bear in mind.

Platinum wedding bands have been steadily increasing in popularity.

Iridplat, 900 Plat, or 900 PT all refer to an alloy mixture containing 90% platinum and 10% iridium, another platinum group metal. The more expensive PLAT, 950 Plat, or 950 PT contains 95% platinum and 5% of another metal, quite often iridium or ruthenium. The higher the percentage of platinum in the alloy, the higher the cost of the ring.

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