Date Ideas for Introverts

by Paul Smith

What happens if the person who is going to date is a introvert person. When you’re the shy type you’ve still got to make conversation in order to get to know your date. Here are a few date ideas for the first few outings.

First Date (select coffee date) If you’re meeting your date for the first time, choose a coffee shop with lots of traffic, yet a quiet comfortable spot for the two of you to talk. A quiet corner will give you the space to converse with ease.

Literary Event The key to finding the right date activity is to choose something you both enjoy. So if you happen to enjoy literature, feel free to partake in an activity that will please your mind and intelligence. Indulge your love of literature with an author appearance, poetry reading, or lecture.

Quiet Location Always select a quite location, when you’re the shy type. Quiet dinner at a favorite spot could be just the ticket. Choose a place you’ve been before and one where you are comfortable. Arrange to meet at the restaurant separately and agree to leave directly after your date.

Walking Choose walking in a park if you are a shy type of person .Introverts love to exercise alone. If your love interest is as into exercise as you are, ask him or her to join you on a jog, bike ride, or run. Choose a park bench or other nearby place to grab an ice cream or juice while you chat after your workout.

Dating doesn’t have to be difficult for the introvert. Keep your initial dates short to avoid feeling overwhelmed, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Most of all, stay true to who you are and don’t try to change your personality.

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