Dating Safety Tips for Women

by Paul Smith

It happen most of you that you are getting prepared for your date but in your mind the point of your safety are rolling on. On your date you may be thinking that is I safe? Like all forms of dating though there are a few rules to follow which will maximize your safety. You don’t have to scare meeting new people and treating any date as a criminal almost and not telling them anything is off-putting. You need to know some tips if you are concerned about your safety.

Follow your instincts If you are going to date a person whom you have met on internet. Just trust your instincts. Make sure you have exchanged a few emails before you actually meet so you’ve had chance know him better.

Talk on the phone It’s a good way to check someone out. If they are reluctant to give you a contact number or give strict instructions about when it’s OK to call then there is probably a good reason for that! It will also let you see if the chemistry that flows electronically is still there in person.

Meet in a public place It’s very important to keep your date in public place. Coffee is a good first date if you both don’t have to travel too far otherwise lunch can be less intimidating than dinner and you can always make your excuses and leave if the date is not going so well!

Avoid telling about yourself too much It is your first date so you don’t need to give him personal information about yourself. First you must know a little better about him. Be aware that information such as where you work or your kids schools, can lead to someone being able to find you.

Tell your friend about your date Let your friend knows you are meeting your date, the time and location as well as details of the person you are meeting, i.e. name and email address or phone number; and ideally arrange to call them at the end to say you are safe.

If your date is not working tell him Be honest but polite and tell him if you are not interested for second date with him. Just email them and say thank you for meeting up but you don’t plan a second meeting. Be short, polite but firm and it will save hassle in the end.

Don’t despair If you liked them but the chemistry didn’t work for them don’t despair! Think of all the people we meet every day that we don’t have chemistry with. Just persevere and your dream date will come along.

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