Dating The Wrong People

by Paul Smith

Here we will talk about the people who want to date people whom they shouldn’t. Have you fallen for someone and now wonder if you may be crossing a line by seeing him or her romantically? Not every person you have feelings for is the right one to date. Here are some people to avoid when it comes to the question of starting a relationship.

Your Ex Friends You should not date your ex friends. They will probably just feel very weird seeing someone they were once with hanging around their social circle. Once a break up happens, it’s usually a good idea to part ways and goes back to your separate lives.

Your Kid’s Friends This one is also a bad choice for dating. You may feel young at heart, but to your children you are a generation older and should not dip into their pool of friends to find romance. So keep yourself away from this type of relationship.

Your Best Friend’s Ex It’s best to stay away from anyone that dated one of your friends. Anyone that your friend was in love with, had a long-term relationship with, or has kids with is someone to avoid romantically.

Your Boss A person who has authority over you is your boss of coarse not good choice when it comes to romance. The lines of appropriateness get crossed, because even with the best of intentions favoritism is bound to rear its head. You may think you really earned that bonus over the rest of the staff, but how will you ever know for sure? Also, if you happen to break up, you will find your job in jeopardy. Your coworkers will resent the closeness you have with your boss and begin to treat you differently as well.

Your Nanny A nanny is a sacred part of the household, so don’t distract her by making her pay more attention to you than she does to your children. She isn’t meant to be your partner. Your kids will become very confused when they see you displaying mushy feelings for the lady they look to for support on their behalf.

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